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Are you interested in activating the power of your brain? Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by the stories that we humans use such a small bit of our actual capacity….
So now you know…Yes, it’s true…I AM a big brain geek! I love intelligence! -I thrive on any sort of meditation power that can feed that intellect. And I’m fairly certain that the best way to build and keep intelligence is not by watching television re-runs. Besides, the inner mind movies of meditation are so much more creative and entertaining…and beneficial.
Do you believe in meditation power to keep your brain malleable, and healthy? Do you believe in meditation power for keeping or restoring balance? Do you realize the connection between time spent in meditation and success and achievement? Do you recognize the healing effects of meditation? Did you know that meditation is one of the most effective tools for creating confidence, for cementing goals, for connecting to your inner guides, and for expanding your spiritual wings?
As of late, there is a lot of awareness as to the benefits and possibilities of expanding the brain’s potential as well as shifting mindsets to a higher level for better living. Mindshifts are at the core of evolution and expansion. And the truth is, most of us may not realize how much control thoughts have on our experience of life. For better or worse or somewhere in between, our thoughts are creative. And as time seems to have sped up, leaving little leftovers for such frivolities as meditation and introspection, any helping hand to bring about enlightenment is a God-send.
I am all for mindshifts. Regardless of whether done via hypnosis or meditation or affirmations, when we are expanding intellectually and energetically, we all benefit both at a personal level and at an expanded universal level.
What if just by listening to the most advanced brainwave entrainment isochronic treatments available today you could:

  • improve your mood & emotional state
  • improve your health & well-being
  • create financial freedom
  • achieve personal success
  • sharpen your intellect
  • enhance your performance in any area of your choosing
  • create a more positive self-image
  • be more motivated
  • create healthy habits faster
  • improve your life over-all

Brainwave entrainment has been spotlighted for several years now. It’s no longer seen as a new-age concept. Rather, it is now often used for healing purposes in many parts of the world. Most recently, as Western Medicine meets Eastern, the traditional healing model is accompanied by brainwave entrainment treatments. Observing this healing potential of powerful brainwave entrainment, one can only be astounded.

At any rate, if you have never listened to the mind-shifting effects of binauary-laced recordings, you’re in for a mind-shifting treat! Imagine putting on the earbuds and automatically receiving a healthy dose of mind-altering brainwave reprogramming treatments.
What if you had access to 11 different HypnoGuide recordings and over 40 different Activation Acoustics, designed to stimulate and effect the human consciousness? What would change when your brain changes?

As a personal success coach, I am aware of how the mindset affects everything from finances to relationships to place of residence to health to self-esteem. A positive self-image, motivation, the right winning attitudes, productive habits and behaviours, -all these are important parts of the whole/gestalt bundled self. And all these components are affected by brainwave entrainment.

2014 is rapidly coming to an end. Would you like 2015 to be different? Better?

Most of us have heard the adage that “the definition of insanity is doing things repeatedly the same way and expecting different results.” If the year is not ending quite where you hoped it would, what are you going to do differently for 2015?

All recordings are 40-65 minutes long, and can play in the background as you work and play. Read more here to learn about the most advanced isochronic treatments available today: MIND POWER

It is not beyond my peripheral vision that we are all bombarded with options and opinions and far too many offers. I call this the 3 ‘O’s Over-Load! So here’s my point in a small bit: Your life will absolutely change when you engage with Meditation Power. The choice, as always, is up to you. If your life is not what you know in your heart it can be, why not consider trying something different…Mind Power


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