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Cosmic Energies, Mercury Retrograde, and You


You’ve probably heard, read about, and most likely experienced the energetic effects of a rather feisty retrograde Mercury for the past few weeks. Thank the heavens it’s ending at around 2:30 Pacific Time today, June 11. …and not a minute too soon, in my opinion.

I used to think it was all silly, that if I looked to the solar system for guidance and blame, I was being as un-evolved as a more primitive hominid. Indeed, I thought looking at the stars for signs of what happens here on Earth, or at least in my tiny corner of it, was akin to the worship of rock goddesses and make-believe archers in the night sky….

But then, I humoured a friend and had an astrological chart done about 35 years ago, by a woman who is still a cherished friend. She’s an incredibly accurate psychic, and a very in-tune reader of energy. Her reading changed my mind about what I once saw as silly and sentimental. Indeed, the chart changed life.

The astrologist showed me where my brother had died, where my father had died, and she then told me that I was involved with “a very dangerous man.” She went on the say that I needed to “get rid of that” man.

Years later, I reminded her that she had advised me to ditch the madman. She laughs a bit nervously, and says, it’s odd because she never comes right out and says things of that nature. He must have really been dangerous, she says. And he was. He stalked me for decades, long before there were laws against such things.

As life unfolded, I took up the tarot, runes, and eventually became the proud owner of a lovely “angel” store in Salt Lake City. To this day, I watch the stars, pay attention to the energies, and plant my goals and aspirations by the new moon’s energies. And by the way, I get my hair cut when the moon is new if I want it to grow; I get hair cuts at the full moon when I want it to grow slow.

Businesses started under the new moon have a much greater chance of thriving than those which are launched at other times of the month. It all sounds so crazy. And yet I have grown to depend on the cycles of luna for everything from business to pleasure. And truly, I should have known that I would grow into such rhythm of nature.  My fondest memories of my mother are around her role modeling of curious concepts such is astrology. With all her warts and shortcomings, she very much lived in a flow of ethereal energies and frequencies.

So maybe this latest Mercury retrograde isn’t responsible for all the electronic snafus and communication breakdowns, but I am very ready for it to be a memory….

How about you? Are you ready to breathe a sigh of relief?


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