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Picture2We’ve all heard of “Vision Boards” as a tool for the pursuit of manifesting the life of our desires. And honestly, I use a vision board and each December 31st through January 1 you will find me creating a fresh vision board for my coming year. It’s a practice which I share with close contacts as we meet with our images, our thoughts, and our dreams and individually create our renditions of our subjective perfect lives.

A few years ago, I learned the there is an almost magicaly quality to movement, as when things are moving the brain has to pay attention as opposed to images which are just pasted to my vision board. And so, I promptly added movies to my manifesting toolkit mix. I gathered images and created affirmations and using Power Point, I created a personal movie. It was set to royalty-free music which I downloaded, because we all know the power of music to evoke emotion and reach us at a deep level. If you doubt the power of music, just think about what happens when you hear a song from any special event of your life; a particular song which may have played at your prom as you danced with your first crush will still immediately bring back that memory when you hear the first few notes. And that music holds the memory which is deep in your subconscious recesses. So adding musis to our mind movies means that eventually, all we need do is hear the song, and even without the images, our mind will bring to the surface the emotion of those images. In other words, the music takes the meaning of your vision right to your subconscious mind even when you’re no longer watching the mind movie, so all you need to do is listen to the tune to achieve results.

Admittedly, my first little movie was cool, but it’s very NON-Professional! And it took a lot of work to get it to even play on my computer because the end result file was simply too large. It took a LOT of time to find the images and decide on the music. And then I had to learn to put it all together and synchronize the music with the slides….

Apparently Natalie Ledwell had the same experience! Because she came out with a fantastic tool for creating your own “mind movies” and I have asked to support her endeavor to empower the masses with her awesome technology. Check it out here: MindMovies

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Those of you who know me, know how passionate I am about empowering you to live the life of your dreams, My life mission is to study the best, most efficient ways of most easily and effortlessly creating that dream life. That includes discovering the tools that empower.

MindMovies is a source at the top of my list!

You can create your own personal mind movie in around 10 minutes! And it will be set to the emotion-evoking music of your choice. This is the coolest technology for getting into your subconscious mind where real permanent mindset shifts take place!

And here’s another clue to using these fabulous empowerment mind movies: Make a separate mind movie for career, one for wealth, one for sexy romance, and one for health, etc. In my case, I decided to make my mind-movie-vision-board to really open up the channels for reaching at least one million women in record time. My goal to empower these million women is being ingrained each time I watch my mind movie! And they can do the same for you!

Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see how quickly new opportunities show up in your life. Discover the power of gratitude for opening the path to receiving. Live the life of your dreams on your terms! Create it now at: MindMovies

Join 1,136,000 Manifestors & Claim Your 6 Ready-Made 3 Minute Mind Movies.
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