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Are You A Modern Day Goddess?

star-of-heavenI’m guessing if you’re reading this, you are a modern day goddess….

Or maybe you are wondering what is a “modern day goddess”?

A modern day goddess is a woman who is unfolding to her divine truth. She is on an inner quest to uncover her personal callings.

I am honored to reveal that I have been interviewed as a featured modern day goddess in the Modern Day Goddess Blog.

The process of being asked to answer a series of profound questions was cause for reflection. The by-product of time taken to reflect was enlightening.

It is also a warm feeling to be included with so many other inspiring modern day goddesses. Catch the interview and play in the garden with passionate, spirit-led modern day goddesses like you….

I invite you to join me on the Modern Day Goddess Blog where you’ll meet many of these passionate modern day goddesses, and learn from the collective wisdom and inspiration  And of course, as sister modern day goddess you will definitely want to follow the Modern Day Goddess Blog! It’s a beautiful sacred playground of goddess energies that you will surely adore!

In my interview I am asked if I have a message for women. Of course I do! To read my response to that question and others, as well as to meet other passionate, spirit-led modern day goddesses, click the hyperlinks in this blog post, or follow this link: http://awakeningthegoddesswithin.net/everyday-goddess-jan-deelstra/

Let me know that you have played in the goddess garden….

~Many Blessings & Abundance

PS~ Did you download your free gift? Creating your inner sanctuary ♥

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