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The Changing Moods of Mona Lisa

Today I’m using Mona Lisa in an attempt to flush you with some much needed humor…

Mona Lisa BC (before Coronavirus)…

Mona Lisa today….

Things have become entirely too serious around here, so let’s lighten things up with some comedic Covid-19 posts. I want to be perfectly clear here: I’m not saying for a moment that the virus isn’t important; It’s a matter of life and death. I don’t dispute or discount that fact. But I do know that we can all benefit through an infusion of some uplifting dopamine –the “feel-good” hormone into the layers of stress we are under globally. Comedic relief can be salve to the continuous barrage of painful reality coming into our changing lives.

Besides trying to infuse your life with a few smiles, I admit to the influence of having less than an hour sleep last night driving my thoughts today. It wasn’t just Coronavirus or aftershock worries that kept me from sleep. Along with the earth tremors came thunder, some inexplicable fireworks, and if you believe the stories, there was a fleeting 3-minute window where we could see a quick fly-by of the International Space Station. And who, right about now, wouldn’t love being on that virus-free International Space Station? As a vantage point for watching the Earth as we move through these unprecedented times, it couldn’t be better. Hey, with or without sleep, a girl can dream….

Can you share a reason to smile? All humor infusions are welcome here! Let’s lift each other with some happy hormones.

We WILL get thru this together.



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