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If You Have a Money Resolution Start Here

A new year is a great time for both letting go of whatever no longer supports you and for achieving new goals. And a new decade is an even better slate for creating some lasting changes in your life. Unfortunately, although 60% of those polled admit to setting a new year resolution, only 8% actually achieve their goal. And of those who set resolutions, many admit to failing before the end of January!

Resolutions chiefly fit into only a handful of categories, including stopping an unhealthy habit such as smoking or alcohol/substance abuse, creating a healthier lifestyle thru weight loss or healthier dietary habits and exercise, and the most common endeavor to save more money and take control of finances.

If you have made a money resolution, you may want to start here with this empowering eBook that helps you to get on track financially. Its informative content is easy to digest, and may be all you need to successfully identify and break any money beliefs that keep you stuck below the financial level you dream of. It’s a perfect place to start your new year, if you have a money resolution. And since you are here, it’s a perfect time to take advantage of a 90% discount and land the eBook for just $4.74 (for a very limited time).

Change Your Money Beliefs and Change Your Life is available as an instant download when you click the secure PayPal button below:

You can be among the 8% of those who successfully take control of her finances, and do it for less than a cup of coffee….

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