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How to Tame a Run-Amok Monkey Mind

That pesky Monkey Mind is at the root of all which remains undone. It runs off with the mind’s focus, creating a jungle of tangles…one thing entwined with another until all is a blur and your mind is a vacant lot. Your plans, if you had any, are regrettably derailed. That Monkey Mind runs amok while you’re left to piece together the ruins/remains of the day. Nothing gets accomplished. Any avenues of creating are like dust scattered to the winds. That big money-making idea that you had in the shower, dissipated into just a vague memory in the chaos….

Or maybe you sat down at your desk, fully intending to complete that tax return. You go online to do a quick check of email, and the Monkey Mind takes over. The next time you look up, you’ve lost three hours and have no idea of where you’ve been.

Worse still is if the Monkey Mind is fearful. In that case, the Fear Monkey Mind creates a cacophony of random thoughts, all about why you can’t and what will happen when the sky falls. This is the Worst-Case-Scenario Monkey Mind. It asks questions that closely resemble insinuations as to your questionable competence, questions laced with doom and gloom predictions:

  • “What if you don’t get that [fill-in-the blank]?”
  • “And then what will happen when….”
  • “And when the absolute worst happens….”

That Fear Monkey is a real S-O-B if you allow it. It’s bad enough when the Monkey Mind runs off and makes a shambles of your time and projects, but when the Fear Monkey takes control, you have none! You’re left shuddering over falling skies, with no control. And when your mental energies are this controlled by chaotic random fears, your avenues of allowance are choked off. No luck indeed, no abundance, nothing of value can come into your life when your channel is plugged by the Fear Monkey.

The good news is, although the damage caused by both Monkey Mind and Fear Monkey can be extreme -stopped action, a paralytic response to what could go wrong, or just so many chased rabbits that nothing gets caught, it’s actually fairly easy to quell the chatter and re-open the channel to allowance.

The anti-monkey venom will cure the Monkey Mind. It’s not a hard fix. It won’t cost you anything except a few moments out of your day. And, it actually pays for itself, because by investing those “few moments out of your day” you will have more quality time when the Mind Monkey and Fear Monkey are eradicated (kindly, and gently, of course).

cartoon monkey

Some ways I tame my monkeys are:

  • Journaling: Writing places the focus squarely on the page, and there is an undeniable power of words for allowing clarity to replace confusion.
  • Meditating: Allowing the chaos to settle and sense to surface is probably the finest art to perfect. It takes practice to not feel antsy, but allowing the ants to cross without holding onto them is liberating and empowering.
  • Breathing: Consciously inhaling peace thru the nose and exhaling audibly out thru the mouth sends a message of being present to the mind. Conscious breathwork is immediately calming.
  • Walking: Nature cures a LOT of chaos so just be in nature, whether it’s sitting or walking anywhere that nature can touch you.
  • Bathing: Warm scented baths in a quiet environment are mind-settling and the negative ions often allow profound information to rise up and be noticed.Listening: The fear evaporates when it is allowed to be heard. Usually, once the fear is examined, and the worst case scenario is looked at, it loses power. Deciding that yes, something could go wrong, and if it does, it’s not a death sentence, is freeing. It takes the teeth out of the fear.

Pediatricians in the know, suggest putting a child in water when she/he are having a meltdown or tantrum. It works. It also works as an adult. Sometimes, when my monkeys are running amok, I take a bath, meditate, breath consciously, and write in my steam-wrinkled journal pages. So as not to leave out the nature aspect of the cure, I include natural aromatherapy in the mix. This is most effective for me.

Monkey Mind

What are some ways in which you tame your inner monkey? I’d like to hear about them if you’re willing to share in the comments section below.


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