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A Heads Up, This May be Your Last Chance to get in on the MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSIONS

Did you see the previous post about MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSIONS? If you’ve already been lucky enough to get in on the special, congrats. The number of available sessions are almost completely filled up!

If you haven’t gotten in on the once-in-a-lifetime deal, you can click here to go to that original page to get one of the last appointments.

Here’s Something That May Surprise You:

When you stop to take a look at your fears, aka monsters, you may feel like you’re either running from or chasing monsters. From experience, I’ll share that you may begin to question whether that introspection of how you’re being controlled is actually MONSTER Chasing, or is it monster releasing?

In other words, those old monstrous messages about how you should or shouldn’t act, or those fears that seem to lurk around every corner as a threat to your confidence, or the deep inner feelings about not being enough –good enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough, or… any feelings you’ve tried so long to stuff, yet they may actually serve a purpose….

But stuffed feelings and emotions seep out, no matter how long and how hard we try to keep them contained in a box deep down in our memories….

Those feelings fester. They bubble up. They won’t be silenced indefinitely.

And so, it’s time to befriend the monster.

WHAT??! Befriend the Monster??

That monster, upon closer inspection, lacks power. You’ll discover that it doesn’t deserve the attention it receives, even when that attention is just below the surface of your consciousness. You may not even recognize that you have a monster.

And it could be, that you have several monsters!

When you sign up for a 90 minute MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSION, together, we’ll hunt that monster down. And surprisingly, you may discover that monster is as much a friend as a foe. And when that realization is made clear, YOU’LL decide how to proceed….

One way or another, a shift is made.

Think about how long your particular monster has been with you, and consider who you would be had you not had this monster to tame….

Maybe the monster has actually been protecting you….

To Summarize:

When we connect via Skype, we’ll spend 90 minutes finding the monster, and finding the friend in the monster…. When that happens, the monster no longer has a hold over you.

Pretty cool, ehh?

Are you ready for this little ‘monster meet and greet‘?

If you are, go back to the original post, and get your session today.

Tomorrow may be too late.

Here’s that link again: http://www.jandeelstra.com/monster-savings/





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