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What would your life be, if you could disarm the inner monsters that hold you back?

With a tongue in cheek nod to the ghouls of Halloween and a serious look at the ghosts that remain from long ago, I’m making a very limited offer of a MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSION to the first 11 to claim this for a full 90% savings!

When they’re gone, they’re gone! And that goes for both the available MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSIONS AND for those pesky inner monsters that have haunted you for too long.

  • Monsters are anything in your life that threatens your sense of self, that wounds your self-esteem, and harms your self-worth.
  • Monsters are often memories learned long ago, words that cut deeply into your confidence, or just as often, downright abuse and bullying.
  • Monsters can be in the form of people, either from the past, or from the present, and monsters may be living or dead.
  • Very often, a lingering essence of something a deceased loved-one said or did, needs to be cleared in order to free up the space, clear the air, and allow you to move on.


We find and clear whatever haunts you:

  • the painful, scary past or/and
  • the fears and worries for the future…

You know intuitively who or what your monsters are, and if you don’t know, that’s okay too. We’ll find them. And we’ll free them, and we’ll free you of their grasp.


Each individual’s monsters are unique. That means you’ll be receiving a custom set of tools for ridding yourself of the monsters that have gotten in the way of your ability to live the life you desire and deserve.

With an unsurpassed toolbox of everything we need to chase off those monsters, whether they are ‘money monsters’ or ‘self-love attacking’ monsters, or ‘relationship monsters’ or any sort of monster that affects you and hinders your life, we’ve got the solution.

Imagine, a custom coaching session created just for you!

Now imagine that session if amazingly affordable….

What’s Required of You:

MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSIONS are 90 minutes long. The actual retail value of 90 minutes of my personal time is over $900.

  • For this special, the price is just $97
  • That’s a savings of over $800 (90%)
  • This offer is only for the first 11 to claim this offer
  • Purchase only if you can plan a minimum of 90 minutes for a session

Once your payment is processed, you will end up on a confirmation page that contains a link to my personal calendar. You’ll find a time that works for you, and will schedule that time.

PLEASE schedule at a time you are least likely to be interrupted.

  • To successfully participate in MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSIONS, requires you to actually show up, preferably with a notebook for taking copious notes.
  • The session will take place over a secure Skype audio-only line.
  • The session may be recorded, but technology being what it is, there are no guarantees for recording.

If you miss the appointment there will be NO REFUNDS.

We have to take a hard-line about “no-shows”. Since there are a limited number of available MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSIONS being made available, it would be unfair to let an un-used session go to waste. So please do commit to showing up for you session, and commit to showing up on time, rested and ready for the process.

Some things to consider:

  • Please remember to plan on spending a full 90-minutes on Skype as we find and conquer the monster.
  • Please plan additional time for processing the experience.
    (You’ll probably want to spend some time following the clearing for self-care, perhaps some journaling, etc.)

(More details for what to expect, and what you’ll need to have handy will be provided on the landing page when your payment is processed.)

Why am I making this offer to clear your monsters?

Plain and simply, with over 35 years of providing proprietary trade secret tools to thousands of participants, I know what works.

And I’m determined to get these confidence-enhancing, life-transforming techniques into the hands of as many as possible.

That sometimes means making a very limited time offer to a very limited number of participants in order to reach as many as possible in a short condensed time frame.

Due to the nature of coaching, there are time and space constraints. It would be lovely if everyone who wanted a session could have one.

But that’s not reality, and so, this offer is made to entice the first 11 to claim the MONSTER HUNT COACHING SESSIONS.

Are you ready to be monster free? Sign Up Now!
Use the secure PayPal button* below:

*If you prefer to be invoiced prior to the MONSTER CLEARING SESSION, email monsters@winged-women.com with your request. We truly want this to be as easy and effortless for you as possible. Let us know how we can be of service.

Subject to Availability

This offer absolutely ends October 31st. 

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