Still with me? Good.
I have more questions that will help us both to know you better:

  • Have you experienced struggle?
  • Have you allowed old memories of past events to paralyze you?
  • Are you interested in finally identifying and releasing blocks to your fulfillment?
  • Are you feeling insecure about scheduling that complimentary Clarity Call?
  • Where did you learn the lesson of not being worthy?

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You, as much as anyone, deserve to live your best life. And I can help you if you make a choice to receive. It’s tough sometimes, to be open to receiving. We’re conditioned to give to the needs of others, and this can mean our own self-care suffers as it’s pushed aside, getting cold on the back burner….

Welcome to the emerging tribe of other Goddesses and Queens who, just like you, are learning to receive, are stepping into self-worth, are learning to transmute struggle into strength, and to embrace full feminine power and own those uniquely beautiful wings!

It’s your time. You asked for the teacher and the teacher is here….


It’s time to reign as the brilliant Goddess of YOUR life! You have gifts to share with the world, and it’s important that you share those unique gifts. It’s your calling. It’s your purpose.

For over 30 years I have been empowering women. Together we can create a plan to lead you to your chosen outcome.

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With clarity, you will quickly reach your desired outcome. It just requires that you start. And you can start by requesting a free 15 minute Strategy Session where together, we will create a step-by-step action plan…. Think of it as a sample, a Mini-VIP day! The regular price is $97, yet the value is priceless!
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You are here, because your inner guide has led you to this nurturing playground-growground, where you will receive the goddess-enhancing tools and learn to embrace your whole perfect self…. and you will then be a lightness being, role modeling your unique version of “sparkle and shine” to others….

Grow~ground Rules:

There are, as there are on every playground, rules to be adhered to:

  • Rule #1. You are not broken. You will cease immediately to “dis” yourself in words, thoughts, actions, and beliefs.
  • Rule #2. You are a full-winged light~being and your light and the light of all who play here will be honored, respected, and admired.
  • Rule #3. We are each mirrors of one another, and so the rule of seeing the best in everyone is empowering. Just do it. Refer back to Rule #1 for a refresher….
  • Rule #4. The growground is based on feminine power principles of receptivity, sharing, collaboration, cooperation, nurturing, and love. As such, we step into our own best selves by generously supporting and nurturing our self and others even when “reality” suggests otherwise. In other words, raise above ‘it’ whatever “it” may be, and the universal energies Source of All will absolutely rise up to create your new normal.

Read on for some of the “YOU BENEFITS” of being a valued member of this gathering of emerging and evolving women….

The You Benefits:

In a teaspoon, this website, and your journey is all about an infusing of self-love…of caressing your confidence and bolstering your self-esteem. Because as mentioned, your confidence and self-esteem affect every area of your life including finances, lovers, family, career, countless opportunities, connections, and your overall health and well-being!

This playground may have my name on it, but it is all about YOU! It’s about your alignment, mind-body-spirit, about your balance and wholeness and specifically about your feelings of personal worth, deserving, and effectiveness.


[bctt tweet=”You have one purpose and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.”]

As a Confidence Coach and doubtlessly as the Queen of Esteem, I am here to help you move out of your way, to help you release any emotional pain and baggage you are hanging onto, or more precisely, to supply you with the trade secret tools to live your most bold and empowered and goddess-like sparkling life possible.

  • Learn to let go of whatever stops you from living your best life
  • Transform struggle into strength
  • Identify the internal messages that you no longer need or want
  • Discover the secrets contained within your dreams and nightmares
  • Identify the underlying meaning hidden in all conversation
  • Enhance all your relationships, or release them with love & gratitude
  • Own your voice, your self-worth, and your personal power
  • Increase your abundance flow in love, joy, health and wealth
  • Step into the light and leave the past behind
  • Live the Divine Aligned Life you were meant to experience
  • Be in harmony with your Spirit, Thoughts, Emotions, and Body
  • Feel like the Goddess You Are ~Unique. Priceless. Admired
  • Learn to Love Every Facet of Who You Are
  • Plan the destination and use your feminine power to propel you there
  • Step into the fullness of your Whole Empowered Magnificent Self

I want to personally thank you for showing up! Showing up is the first step in owning your life. You are the QUEEN of YOUR Life, the Goddess of Your Domain and it’s time you started to act like and to be treated like the goddess queen that you are! So I begin by asking you, how does that feel? Do you get little belly-butterflies to think about yourself as a Goddess? Are they excitement butterflies or fear-based flutters?

Escaping the Chrysalis needs better butterfly wings

Being successful does not mean to not feel fear. It means to feel the fear and face the fear and step into the future of “now.”

And turning struggle into strength doesn’t mean you will not have challenges in the future. It means you will have the tools to not turn those struggles into barriers!

I offer you a safe and sacred space here in which to explore and expand. And rest assured, all coaching and consulting is confidential. With my expert guidance and unique tools, techniques, and qualifications, you will fill your self-love toolkit. Never again will you have a challenge for which you don’t have the answer. Never again will you look outside for the guru; you’ll develop the self-trust to find answers from within.

  • It’s time to re-write any self-stories that are holding you back from stepping fully into your glorious goddess self.
  • It’s time to recognize, find gratitude for, and release the past baggage….
  • It’s time to learn the techniques that will lead you to your light and power.

I have those tools and techniques and have been using them for decades to empower women and I walk my talk. Your life can change. And it can change rapidly.

The once trade-secret tools and techniques I offer you are easy to follow and are designed to empower you to a life-transformation of which you never dreamt possible.

You cannot dream that large as you have no frame of reference…(yet!)

Women who are an ideal fit for services and products are women like you who have that inner gnawing of something more. They are women who may be successful in one area such as family, and not so successful in money issues. Or, she may be considered financially wealthy but not so successful in relationships…. Is this resonating with you?

Your uniqueness is cherished from the moment you set foot here on this website, and you will be nourished to grow and blossom into the beautiful entity you were born to be.

We are each nectar-rich flowers blossoming, showing our full beauty as we face the sun. It’s time for you to cease to live small and invisible. It’s time for you to step out from the shadows of others and embrace your beautiful full-winged splendor!


Like the butterflies gaining strength from the struggles which build strong wings, it is time to transform our past into fuel which will allow us to fly beyond previous limitations.

This site is a safe and sacred playground that welcomes and embraces you in the spirit of feminine power principles. We are collaborative, not competitive, we are receptive, not repulsive, we are supportive. And you are welcomed here as you step into the garden, and take the steps in your own consciously designed paradise.

In addition, keep reading to discover more of the clear “you benefits.” These are the benefits YOU can look forward to: Balance; Self-Love; Confidence; Transformation into the whole, complete, beautiful goddess living the life you were born to live.

Now, at this present moment, is an era of awakening. The old paradigm is not working, and women globally are beginning to learn to trust their own spirit, heart, and voice.

Self Heart

Personal empowerment via self-love is not some wild-hare concept, but is now critical for perhaps saving the human species, the endangered planet, and for consciously effecting a positive contagious shift in response to the crumbling status quo.

You have purpose.

At a personal level, perhaps you feel an unsettling, an inner voice is giving you the nudge to now step into your wholeness. No longer are you content to deny certain parts of your self. Now you are eager to own the whole of you, including owning your voice.

I am here for you. In fact, I have been here for you for many decades, paving the path ahead of your journey since 1984, making way for those who follow in my pioneering footsteps of women’s empowerment via self-awareness and confidence creation tools.

Thousands of women have come here, have been coached, counseled, and have sought consultation. Each has graduated with honors. Each inspired participant has transformed, has changed permanently, and has evolved in immeasurable ways effecting continuously rippling patterns of positive degrees. And you can too.

Will you be among the women who are transforming the Earth, beginning within yourself? Simply as a byproduct of showing up here, your consciousness shift has begun. And you must admit, that’s a wonderfully radiant thing.

Thank You, often đŸ™‚

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Hey, what’s your purpose?

To learn to love every facet of who you are.

I have the tools to support you in that purpose.


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