Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker without Hardhat


Throw Back Thursdays: Me on the day, having completed the necessary hours and experience, I received my “A” Status Teamsters Driving Status.

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Mother Trucker with hardhat

I only wish the photographs had been in color. The PINK hard-hat and matching fingernails were a rare visual at a time when Teamsters Unions were known as “traditional male” employers. But as a single mother of three children under the age of four, I would have done just about anything to feed my kids, and driving ~even the BIG RIGS, is something I enjoy. By the way, this is NOT the largest piece of Caterpillar equipment I ever drove, but it was the one I drove most often.

The lessons of empowerment would be ridiculously long to list here, but in the abbreviated edition, I’ll share that I learned as much from jealous wives and girlfriends as I learned about operating equipment. I expected a certain level of, shall we say, “adjustment” from the men in the field, but I did not anticipate the ways in which my sister-humans reacted to my presence in this traditionally men’s arena. It’s that look of smelling poop on a shoe that comes to mind when I envision the faces of the women who showed up to see this female truck driver.

There are enough stories to fill several volumes, and I see that we women have come a long way, and we still have a long way to travel to meet each other with support and love and collaboration, and not with competition. Afterall, I wasn’t there to steal a husband. I was there to feed my kids. And let’s be honest: Does this look like a glamorous job to you? There are no doors on that rig, and this is in Utah where the Winters and Summers are equally blistering in extreme conditions. It was brutal.

There is not one regret I have as a result of working an average of 72 hour weeks, except that of spending far too much time away from my children. Hopefully, they learned the value of owning their power. I sure did. And the lessons of empowerment are heavily woven through the Gestalt Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem courses I facilitate today. Without the self-esteem needed to stand up for myself, and for other women who would come after me, I would have faltered before the Teamsters’ Union even agreed to train me. The tenacity of a mother bull-dog with pups to feed is what it took. And if you’re in tune with your passion and just need a boost and a helping hand to facilitate your empowerment, and to bolster your self-esteem and resultant tenacity and success, I am the facilitator for you.

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