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My Birthday Gifts

Doncha love a celebration, especially when it means you get the gifts?! I know I love giving! And any excuse for a celebration is my kind of story!

So today, I have some gifts for you, along with some incredible savings for courses, and coaching, and the likes. So keep reading, because there is probably something for you here!

  1. All courses at the Winged-Women™ Academy are at least 50% off thru the links on the school website, so check them out!  The link will open in a new window so you won’t get kicked off this page before you’re ready to leave.

A word about the courses offered on the Winged-Women™ curriculum: Everything there is built on a foundational theme of self-love, worthiness, deserving, self-esteem, and confidence. That’s because in my triple tenure as a confidence coach, the one common thread is that of feeling like “not enough.” Not being worthy enough; not being enough; not having enough. And that thread creates the tapestry of life. So it’s time to pull on it; unravel the threadbare rug, and consciously create the cloak of which to be proud….

2. All coaching services are 50% off. The way to handle this, is to simply send an email to me to let me know you’re interested. We’ll work out the details on the first (free) call or Skype session. Send your email to and include a word or two about what you would like to accomplish working together. We’ll talk about your desired outcome, and determine where you are currently. From there, we’ll create the plan. By the way, this initial contact is to determine if we’re a good fit for services. There is neither an obligation nor commitment in this first contact session. Alternatively, use the button below to schedule that free contact thru my timetrade account.

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3. Here’s a list of free empowering audio selections for you. To download use the purple links:

4. Final Offer: Get the dynamic duo for only $27 today only! If you look to the right, you’ll see the Escaping the Chrysalis Digital Duo for $47. And that’s an incredibly great price to get your hands on these proprietary trade tools that I use in coaching. But here’s the deal: Because my birthday is this week, you get it for only $27 thru the PayPal link below. When you click the hyperlink you will be taken to PayPal and as soon as your payment is processed, you will get the SET! By the way, if you were to purchase these on Amazon in physical form, you would pay well over $100 before shipping. So get this life transforming digital download today before the magic link is taken down.


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