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My Choice. Your Choice. The Right to “Choice”

Today is a day that seemingly will forever leave me raw with emotions from the most tragic road-burn of my life. It is my son’s birthday (pictured in the middle, which is appropriate as he was my “middle” kid). He has been dead since 1995.
It doesn’t quite dawn on me immediately upon waking this morning that the root of my emotional cloud, a mild-to-moderate angst, is likely more from a subconscious habit than from anything I can touch with an “aha” awareness. I simply woke feeling weepy.

And then I saw the calendar and understood.

And so my day has been “unproductive” in the traditional sense. I’ve spent far more time on social media than I generally do, as example. For me, social media has a double-edge of both being a luxury of spending my finite reserves of time, and a time thief that annoys me. My strong sense of self-discipline keeps me at social-media-bay unless I am actively advertising a new book or product, or if I am promoting an on-line course, or if I am practicing list building via social media sources. I say “practicing” because I am honestly not very good at it according to SEO folks…. No life coach or author wants to be the “best kept secret,” so I socialize at the virtual pool.

At any rate, today’s wanderings have brought this absolutely wonderful video to us. It’s about choice, but not necessarily about the kind the feminists and legislators in the US head-lock over. This is sweeter, more powerful, and not to be missed.

True power is not in the right to choose so much as it is in the act of making the choices. Click To Tweet
I hope you enjoy it.
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Happy birthday Ryan ♥ :-) 


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