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Is “My Story” Important to My Clients?

Several thought leaders have suggested that our “story” is at the core of why clients hire us. In this theory, the connections are formed less on the basis of our credentials than they are based on the stories shared with those who resonate….


But doesn’t the formal training account for the actual coaching skill? And isn’t the fact that I am an award-winning transformational nonfiction AND fiction author yet another reason to hire me? And does the fact that I have been a life coach / consultant for life, and have spent over ten years empowering women of diverse backgrounds working for the Department of Human Services, justify my credibility? Add to these credentials my formal experience as a gestalt group facilitator, with a hefty toolbox full of trade secrets to help you release beliefs that block your greatness. And even greater, add that I am an assertiveness training expert and self-esteem specialist who probably has more faith in you than you do…for now…. My desire is that will change; and that you will come to experience and trust your full-winged limitless potential.

My unique mix of experience also has a layer of spirituality that truly sets me apart. I was the proprietor/owner of the first “angel store” in Salt Lake City, Utah. And I have been truly blessed by miraculous events, many of which were topics in my first book, Blessings in the Mire, written following the death of my son.

Because I have many layers, and because I have been successful in peeling back those layers to get to the core of my authentic self, I recognize that you too have many layers of both experience and protection that may or may not support you. I know the way to wholeness, even when you may feel shattered or when you’ve disowned a piece or two of your whole evolving self.

Are we all just looking for that connection to the one who has gone before us? Aren’t we hoping to connect with the one who can make the journey smoother, less scary? In this case, I have most definitely gone before, carving the path to freedom and fulfillment with my feminine wholeness, and affirming me as still the best choice for your empowerment and transformation.

Whatever the reason you find yourself reading this, I am grateful that you are here. And with that said, there is much of life that I feel is simply too mundane to tell. That’s the day-to-day stuff that makes up life when it’s running smoothly. And that’s not what I’ll be sharing here.

I believe you are here on “my story” page because:

  • You want to know why I am the best coach to be entrusted with your results
  • Your interest is in learning about other clients’ outcomes
  • Maybe you’re interested in reading some of the testimonials
  • You want to know how I got here, but only as far as it translates to you
  • You want to know what outcomes I can deliver
  • You want to know if I’m worth it when it’s actually about YOUR worth

I have been involved in women’s empowerment since the day I was born a female, but my formal education began in 1983. My education is in psychology, with an emphasis on women’s studies; my formal training and career experience is in gestalt theory and social work. Almost all of my education and career experience follows the threads of the tapestry we often refer to as “women’s issues” in various settings.

Over the decades, I have worked one-on-one consulting, and facilitating group settings, and empowering women with tools and techniques that center on confidence building, self-esteem issues, self-awareness, and by using some tricks that I’ll keep to myself until such time as you’re committed to transform your life.

I will share with you that, among other tools of my trade, I use the power contained in dreams, the clarity that comes from journaling, and promoted self-care rituals to assist you in your transformation. And I will say that the techniques which I now use in my practice, are tools and techniques that I learned and have used to transform my own life too. In other words, I am living proof of the effectiveness of the tools you will be given to transform your life.

My focus is a blend of melding mind/thought, body/physical, spirit/spiritual, emotional awareness into an aligned, authentic whole/gestalt you. There is such strength in you when you are aligned! There is nothing that you cannot achieve when your whole self is balanced and on board!

What I do know for certain, in my truth spirit, is that we all have a story, and that my story belongs to me, but may resonate with others. Likewise, your story, your truth, belongs to you, but others, me included, may resonate.

The other thing I know for certain in that same spirit of truth, is that we can decide at anytime to define who we are being. This truth –my truth, took me years to learn. It led me here to this women’s empowerment page just as surely as it is another step in my story ladder.

At any time when life isn’t working for us, we have the ability and the right to re-write our script. Our stories may seem like our truth as the story happened to us. But with a little perception shift, we can redefine the perspective and take control of the story. We can consciously choose what to leave in, and what to leave out. Focus on the positives and with self-awareness, enhance those. This conscious applied action is the very core of women’s empowerment: Decide. It means to cut away the options that no longer serve you or champion you in your powerful, and decidedly limitless potential. I have. And this is my story.

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