New Moon Seeds for YOU!

New Moon Seeds for YOU!

A couple of things I want to make sure you know about, and I am referring to these items on the agenda as New Moon Seeds for YOU because planting anything under the energy of the new moon infuses whatever is planted with a higher degree of success.

It sounds a bit “woo woo” but farmers have been planting by the new moon for generations because they have witnessed the benefits of seeding at that time of month, and it is the same for you. So this is the time to plant your intentions!

So first things first:

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#2. Did you get your

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra

If not, it’s not too late! Just follow the link below to get this first-chapter of the women’s guidebook to wealth and love, INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love

Do you want more abundance in your life? Would you like to get a free chapter of Infinite Pie? Abundance of love, money, happiness, opportunities, authentic friendships, creativity, and high-vibe experiences are your divine birthright. That means whatever you desire, you can have, as long as you don’t block the flow.

INFINITE PIE includes a Wealth Test for revealing where you may be resisting (thus blocking) all the abundance that wants to come to you. It also contains an ancient MONEY MANTRA that gets results. And it includes a personal Self-Examination to help you further focus on the areas of your life where blocks have formed.

It’s an amazing, empowering book for women. And you can download the Introduction and First Chapter below.


3. Plant your intentions TODAY!

The new moon is on Saturday, 8/11 and I always like to remind you that anything planted during the 3 day window of a new moon, has a much greater chance of thriving. Farmers have planted by the new moon for thousands of years because they know that the success rate is higher.

It’s the same for you. Plant your intentions for whatever you wish to grow over the next 4 weeks, and watch it blossom. And in case you need a suggestion of where to plant your seeds, just in time for the new moon, I have opened the doors to a truly simple and simultaneously powerful way to up-level your life.

Start by watching the short video and then ENROLL in the newest course to hit the rolls of Winged-Women™ Academy!

“Women are the Cheerleaders at the Banquet of Life”  ~ Dr. Mack Gift

If you want to jump right into the playground and skip the video, enroll HERE and empower yourself with self-love in a gentle and lovely manner. PLUS, for the first 30 days, starting on Monday, August 13th, I will be in the classroom portal for 30 days. After that, anyone who enrolls will miss out on my interactions.

So go HERE now, and I’ll see you in the portal!

And if you are ready your life to seriously take root, schedule a call and let’s see if we are a good fit for coaching services.

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Celebrate YOU! xox

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