Number One Reason to Increase Your Confidence


There are as many ways to increase your confidence as there are “whys” to increase your self-confidence. The number one reason to increase your confidence is because self-confidence affects every area of your life.

Every area of your life either suffers from self-consciousness, or thrives with self-confidence.

Think about it:

  • Who you date, and eventually marry is a direct reflection of your confidence level.
  • How far you go in the job arena is a direct reflection of your esteem.
  • Your career affects your earning potential.
  • Your earning potential affects your standard of living.
  • Your standard of living includes standard of health care potential.
  • Your health affects your life.

The correlations are endless.

Our lives are a direct reflection of our self-esteem and over-all confidence level.

Look around your personal environment. What is apparent? If your personal space is a reflection of your self-esteem and confidence level (and it is), what are you projecting? When a new acquaintance comes to call, what is the image and energy that is front and center? Are you proud to have strangers and friends see how you live? And what of your professional environment? Does it reflect the image of the real you? Do you know the “real” you? Do others know the “real” you?

If your confidence could use a little pep talk, schedule in some “me time” and get serious. Your life, in every facet of your perfect diamond self, is worthy of the best life has to offer.

“Run your own race, and run it fast. Comparison is suicide on the installment plan.”

I have no idea of who said this, but for years it was a yellow sticky on my bulletin board reminding me to stay on track. It was good advice staring me down each day as I sat at my desk planning my day in a very type “A” business environment. It seems pertinent now, and maybe you too will post it to your desktop or wherever you’ll be reminded to keep your focus on what matter: YOU.

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Ways and Whys to Increase Your Confidence:

  1. STOP comparing yourself to the Joneses. As my mother said, “There will always be someone worse off, and better than. Just be your best self.”
  2. Do one thing every day that reinforces your worth. This process contains the magic of compounding interest and leads to rapid breakthroughs in confidence building.
  3. Thin your herd of those who would prefer to keep you small. Soaring with pigeons is not as fulfilling as flying with eagles, so flock together accordingly.
  4. Dilute your negativity pool by introducing new positive people into your life. There needn’t be drama when you leave behind others you’ve outgrown. Simply add more and more quality contacts and the rest will naturally filter.
  5. Repeat positive affirmations such as “Every day, I am better than the last.” The power of words is immeasurable in increasing or decreasing your feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. Hear every word you say to you. Make them count!
  6. Walk away from small minds and gossip. Nothing fancy or self-improving in the running down of others. Step into the arena of great minds and be great.
  7. Stop reading magazines and advertisements designed to make you feel inferior. All ads, in case you missed it, are created to cause you to feel a lacking, so that when you purchase whatever’s being sold, it will “fix” you. CLUE: You’re not broken.
  8. Listen to inspirational input as much as possible. Falling asleep to the nightly news is the antithesis of confidence bolstering. Break the habit and start listening to either a tranquil meditation or something developed to build your confidence as you sleep.*
  9. Go to the bathroom mirror and make eye contact with you. Notice how it feels to really look yourself in the eye. Hold the eye contact for 17 seconds without looking away or deflecting your emotion. Just notice. Practicing and then mastering the rare art of making eye-contact with yourself is at the core of your success.
  10. While looking at you, say, “I forgive me.” The act of self-forgiveness clears the way for your confidence to sprout. Without self-forgiveness, there will be no authentic confidence. To really master this, say it continuously during your commute, and you’ll arrive at the office with a stepped-up level of confidence.
  11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 daily, morning and night. Repeat the, “I forgive me” mantra for 45 days at least twice daily and watch what happens with your confidence. Shame and guilt are not conducive to self-confidence. While you’re forgiving you, if there is someone in your psyche wagging a finger in your face, forgive them too. And if you need help with this, stay tuned because next post, I’ll share some tips for achieving closure with anyone, living or dead, who made/makes you feel small.

*Check out the “FAVORITES” Page for some hypnotic options.

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