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OOPS. I came from the heart, but my brain wasn’t on board

So I sent out not only a blog post, but also a newsletter about the last call for the massively popular (and affordable) Queen’s Dozen series, (which is being discontinued). Oops. When I wrote it, I came from the heart, but my brain wasn’t on board! In my defense, I had donated blood, and apparently it takes a bit of brain cells as it leaves my body and enters the vial! lol. At any rate, thanks to those of you who alerted me to my oopsie, and here is the unadulterated link:

Some of you asked why I would discontinue such a popular package. The truth is, with development of the new Winged-Women™ Academy well underway, I am simply too time stretched to offer one-on-one coaching to more than a handful of women. It makes more sense to reach women globally in a classroom setting, and to be able to reach more women than I could possible reach with individual coaching. It makes no sense to try to do both, as I am so busy creating the course content for the Winged-Women™ Academy.

Does that mean all individual coaching goes away?

Not yet. But here’s something to consider: The Queen’s Dozen is a package that you decide how to use. The sessions can be combined into one powerful VIP day, or can be spread out over up to twelve months, and can be anything in between. AND the payments can also be either paid all at once, or can be spread out over up to 12 months. That means you could be getting PERSONAL CUSTOMIZED monthly coaching for less than a 15 minute session! WHAT???!!! And the big thing to recognize is that I cannot possibly have a dozen of you wanting VIP days all at once, and because some of you will want to spread out the payments and the services, that effectively stretches my time into a do-able solution to continue to coach one-on-one. That’s where my focus started, and honestly, I still love the personal depth that comes only of that personal connection when we are together (virtually, of course).  But I cannot possibly continue to offer my signature customized coaching at this price. All that makes this possible is the higher end 24k Platinum Elite Signature Coaching. Consider this last call for the Queen’s Dozen a benefit of the trickle down effect. And that’s the REAL reason it is being discontinued; it’s simply no longer time or economically feasible. The only reason it has lasted this long is because, again, I cherish the one on one connections and want to make as many of those personal connections as possible.

And I want to be ultra honest here: I cherish those personal connections as precious friendships. And another layer to that, is that your voices bring me new personalities to spread the self-love. And that’s the reason we are here, right? Winged-Women™ has evolved into a self-love movement that is real, and is growing momentum with your shared voices. That’s another real power that comes of coaching one on one. You become an evangelist of sorts, spreading self-love around and causing magnificent ripples that bless us all.

Anyway, before I get all gooey and teary-eyed, I want to just say that my heart sort of aches to say that this is the last call for the Queen’s Dozen. And I trust the universe to bring the perfect connections to me, as we close the doors to this chapter. Is it you? Are we the perfect connections?

If you believe we are that perfect connection, go now before it’s too late and get one of the final opportunities to be coached one on one, for less than most group coaching costs, and with so much more benefits that you could ever receive in a group setting.

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I hope you know how much I value you. Whether we have coached, spoken, or emailed, and from wherever on this blue marble you reside, I honor you for being here, and for being interested in enhancing your connection with your self. I cherish our connection, however deep it is. Thank you for showing up.

Much love and gratitude,

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