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Our Fragile Planet Earth

Our fragile planet Earth is speaking to us with urgency. I wonder if we’re listening….

In only a few months, the Earth has suffered unimaginable fires globally, devastating floods, unnerving earthquakes and aftershocks, and deadly viruses that have resulted in shortages of everyday items we never imagined being without. You have to admit that when people start hoarding toilet paper, flour and yeast, we’ve got bigger issues going on.

Do you believe the adage,
“there’s a reason for everything”?

It’s challenging to imagine a reason for much of what has happened globally over the past 12 months or so. I’m considering the devastating fires in Australia, California, and in the Rain Forest. I try to think about loss of life and property from fires, floods, earthquakes and disease at a global level from a spiritual perspective to try to make sense of it all. What, I ponder, are we to learn of the catastrophes? Is there a “reason for everything” or are we kidding ourselves, and the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the earthquakes, the floods and the fires are simply a collection of natural disasters without meaning?

Crises reveal our truest selves. The walls and pretenses come down and true nature comes out whether with fangs or as our better angels. Either way, we learn a lot about who we are by how we travel thru any catastrophe. A quick scan of social media reveals caught on tape moments of fear-based behaviors such as hoarding and finger-pointing, sometimes against entire countries or races balanced in yin yang fashion by stories of those who pour their kindness into helping others.

Most of us are probably in the middle of the spectrum, or maybe we vacillate a bit between fear-based reactions and our higher angelic potentials. I know I sure do recognize my own propensity for humanness, for all that comes of that perfectly flawed mortal frequency….

Have you caught any “feel good” moments from either the actions of others or of your own? I thought it would be fun to share a few of the more positive stories here. Let me know what your experience has been. Are you able to channel your stress into productive behaviors? Fee free to share either here or via email.

We will get through this.



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