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Over 300 Earthquake Aftershocks and Counting

Yet another series of earthquakes have rattled my nerves today, with the count so far being over 300 earthquake aftershocks and counting…. My head is sloshing, a case of continuous vertigo as I subconsciously wait for the next tremor. It reminds me of when I was a child who had been roller skating, and once the skates were off, still experienced the sensation of skating. Have you ever felt that sensation? At this point, I am only vaguely aware of the smaller quakes, and until the jolt hits a magnitude over 3.5, it’s no longer as disconcerting. But those over magnitude 4, they absolutely get my attention; There’s nothing to bring you into the present moment quite like holding on while the earth shakes beneath you, leaving you wondering if this one will bring the roof down.

On top of the “shelter in place” admonishment, and the news specials, each with their own advice for staying safe during this Coronavirus pandemic, my last nerve is akin to a raw frayed wire. Today is a day for lots of self-talk, for many conscious breaths to re-center my energy to a healthier state of being. It’s a day for finding something of value to take my mind off the shake-rattle-and-rolling, as well as off the toilet paper shortage that may be more impactful than I care to share here. The honest reveal is that I have long suffered from something akin to Ulcerative colitis, and nervous energy is one of the primary triggers for the condition.

You might think that because of the “spastic colon” I might have an enormous stash of toilet paper. The truth is, I do not. It’s mostly an issue of available storage space, plus, I don’t belong to any of those “big box” stores because I generally have no use for buying products in bulk. Of course, worrying about where the next square is coming from would only exacerbate the condition, and so I look for other ways to take my mind off of the things I cannot change….

I’ve harvested the plants from my hydroponic gardens, and have bleached and sanitized the AeroGarden in preparation for some new seed pods that should arrive this week. I have a new herb sheet in the garage under quarantine, and I will plant that one tomorrow. I’ve learned a lot about how the Coronavirus (COVID19) can spread, and have learned that plants will not spread the virus. This makes me very happy. It feels good to have a hobby that has me looking towards the future when the tomatoes will be ripe, and the spinach is mature. Those seeds contain hope. Planting the tiny pods gives me hope. And right now, in this moment, hope is the antivirus for my stress.

Let me know how you are coping. And if you are feeling the stress, what have you come up with to lighten your load? Please share, either in the comments or via email.

Much love.

Stay safe and well. We will get thru this.


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