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Peeling Back the Mask

Take a moment to be present and feel the statement that your confidence affects every area of your life…. Does it resonate somewhere deep within at your “truth” center? Your confidence affects every area of your life, and that means if you are feeling a lack of confidence, it’s affecting the way you show up in life.

The next question then becomes, how confident are you?

Sometimes, when I am working with a new client, we have to dig past the armor that she’s created to protect herself from getting hurt or being seen as she feels she truly is. In other words, she’s created a facade to hide behind and to show to the world who she wants them to see her as. Inside, she is weak and crumbling. And on the outside, she is painted and stoic, maybe even smiling.

We all have the masks. Some of it comes from a jar or a tube or a cosmetic pencil, and some of it comes from fear held deep within. And it’s fear that has probably been with us for a long time. It also likely has some pain attached.

Masks are fine for Halloween. And because this is October, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog space to content about the masks we wear. Over the month of October, we’ll look at:

  • Benefits & Limitations of Masks
  • Where they first appear (You may be surprised!)
  • How masks differ from the hats we wear
  • How masks are stopping your potentially fabulous life from unfolding
  • How to lose the mask without losing the protection
  • What changes when the mask comes off
  • Healing from the inside out as the only way to healthy healing
  • How to courageously live in your authentic skin

October promises to be a bit scary (you can handle it) and comes with a lot of treats and no tricks.

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PS~ If you are ready to look beneath the mask, even if it has been with you for a great length of time, consider a 90-Day Deep Dive Coaching Commitment. It’s immersive and you will emerge with more clarity and fempowerment than you could ever imagine.


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