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Twelve Months


Strictly Confidential

Platinum Elite Signature Coaching is a discrete 12 month commitment for the discerning woman in search of a deeply committed, intimate and confidential connection with her personal coach. It is for the woman who is seeking to be fully heard, supported, guided, and even challenged when need be.

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Join the ranks of celebrity elite! The Platinum Elite Signature Coachingis a one-on-one mentor/consultant relationship guaranteed to bring transformation. And yes, we will connect virtually, from anywhere around the globe. You can show up in your pajamas, or you can schedule in consistent time after work, or whenever the time is best for you 7 am to 7 pm Pacific Time Zone.

Over the 12 month commitment, you will be supported, held accountable, and lovingly guided all the way to your personally determined, desired outcome.


Why “confidential”?  

The confidential nature is purely up to each individual client. If, during or after having completed the Platinum Elite Signature Coaching program, you want to tell all your friends and yell from the rooftops how dynamic you are as a result of this program, you have my permission to do so. On occasion, for whatever reason, a celebrity client addresses a fear of life’s history being revealed. This has led to confidentiality becoming the norm over the years. And so we now treat all Platinum Elite Signature Coaching clients as if they are secretive celebrities. All is secure here. Nothing is shared without your written permission.

Now for the bad news: Platinum Elite Signature Coaching is limited to 4 clients per year. The good news is, not all start at the same time of year, so the wait list, although it does  exist, is generally not a true hindrance. Entrance into the program is done via the interview process. (If you have been referred to this elite service, please mention who referred you.) Once accepted, and the contract is executed, the clock begins.

As a valued client in the Platinum Elite Signature Coaching Package you’ll have many privileges reserved exclusively for members of this exclusive circle. Some of these platinum level benefits include a private phone number for generous extended personal access, unlimited personal email access, up to 6 personal empowerment consultation calls per month, and much, much more.

But it’s really not about the program content…

It’s actually about the investment you’re making in changing your life. Permanently. Effectively. It’s about achieving the outcome of your desires.

Whatever is eating at you, gnawing at you, or keeping you awake long into the early morning hours, we will transmute it into something to admire…

  • Intimate Relationships
  • Becoming Mesmerizing
  • Enhancing Professional Relations
  • Cultivating Self-Worth
  • Discovering Self-Love
  • Bolstering Self-Esteem
  • Creating an Authentic Life
  • Transforming a Career
  • Building & Keeping Wealth
  • Ultimate Women’s Wellness & Health
  • Optimal Whole Self Fitness
  • Mastering Communication
  • Getting What You Desire
  • Releasing the Past
  • Focusing On Success
  • Discovery of Passion
  • Finding Purpose
  • Clarify Your Calling

Here’s what some past VIP clients are saying:

“The Platinum Elite Signature coaching program is magnificent, and it’s effective both in the short and long-term. Short term I let go of a tremendous amount of guilt that I held onto since pre-puberty. Long-term, I am still on a high that’s contagious. The doors continue to open to near miraculous opportunities practically daily. It’s easily the best investment I’ve ever made. Thanks and glory!” Sheila V.

“Hey girl, just had to send a love kiss to say I will never forget you and I will never be able to repay you for giving me back to myself. I love me. I honestly love me. Who would have dreamt I would ever say and mean it. I do tho. You are the queen and I owe you my life. It’s sweeette!” Vero C.

“Come up to the Bay. They need you here! Seriously! I tell them there’s nobody like you! Changed my life in multi-dimentional, multi-layered, multiple ways. Muah.” Danica L.
butterfly_catThe list of testimonials is nice. It isn’t important however. What is important is only what your experience is. This top of the line coaching service is for the woman who is truly ready to step into her full-winged emergence and feel her feminine powers.

Is this you?

It is if:

  • you are ready to commit to an intimate level of authentic service
  • you’re looking for confidentiality & commitment from a coach and mentor
  • you are ready to be wholly accountable in and for your life
  • you’re ready for an experiential year guaranteed to change your life
  • you are ready to release the inner blocks that hold you back
  • you are ready to transform past pains into fuel for change
  • you are ready to own your emerging wings and finally experience YOU
  • you are ready to shrink the gap between here and where you want to be
  • you are ready to shift into the life you were born to live

Admittance into Platinum Elite Signature Coaching is extremely limited, and is screened by means of an application process and when necessary, via a lottery system. Please do mention if you are referred by a current or past client.

Not everyone will qualify.

If you wish to be considered for Platinum Elite Signature Coaching, schedule a complementary call at the bottom of this page, or simply purchase through the secure PayPal link below.

The benefits of the Platinum Elite Signature Coaching Package to you are unsurpassed, and the confidential personal attention you’ll receive is priceless. But remember, this Platinum Elite Signature Coaching is extremely limited.

As a Platinum Elite Signature Coaching member, you’ll invest only $25,000 full-pay.* That’s a small investment in yourself for a lifetime of change.

To secure your place in the Platinum Elite Signature Coaching Package using the PayPal button below:

You may be eligible for 6-months interest free financing through PayPal finance options.

*We simply cannot accommodate all who apply as this is a time and labor intensive service, most often with a wait list. If for any reason we cannot accommodate you, a full refund will be made.
(If for any reason you are not accepted into the program your funds will be refunded.)
To leave a voicemail message click here→ Send me a voice message ← I will be notified via email. If a response is called for, you will hear back within 24 hours, often much sooner.

Are you on the fence? Schedule a complimentary confidential 15 minute Clarity Call.

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