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Playing by the moon cycles…

Can you feel it? This super moon is amazingly close to Earth!

My body and my mood (notice how close the spelling of mood is to moon…) are flooded with this energy!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved playing by the moon’s cycles….tracking my cycles with those of Luna, setting intentions for my business at the new moon and harvesting the ripened fruits of my labors at the full moon, taking note of those who show up during the gibbous moon. But this one is intense!

Seriously, do you feel the effects of the pull?

Every successful farmer knows that this Super Blue Moon promises to be a potent time for planting the seeds of intentions to cultivate & manifesting your desires. PLUS, there’s a full eclipse too! I’ll be tuned to the sky for the show between 4 and 6 am in the US! I’m thinking I’ll just stay up for it! Who can sleep anyway, with all this high energy?!


What will you be intending when the moon is eclipsed? Will you see it?

I ran onto this article about the potency of this particular moon, so I thought I would pass it along:

Check it out and then go and plant some seeds of intention….

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