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We’ve been all about “MINDFULNESS” for the last couple of weeks, so it seems appropriate to offer you a little boost in the mindfulness department. To make things easier for you to up-level your life, I’ve arranged for you to have 11 Ways to Practice MINDFULNESS without Meditating.

And it’s yours for absolutely no charge….

I admit to sometimes struggling with mind-clearing. Especially when there’s a lot going on in my life, I may not be as quick to reach that important level of tranquility that is so rich with wisdom, and wellness, and clarity….

Anyway, this is one such time, when the usual ease of mindfulness has evaporated as other demands plow over the best intentions. If you’re having anything close to that sort of week, I encourage you to get a copy of 11 Ways to Practice MINDFULNESS without Meditating.

Just enter your info in the tiny form below, and this will arrive in your inbox almost immediately (tech-gods willing!).

11 Ways to Practice Mindfulness WITHOUT Meditation #FREE

PS~ If you know someone that might benefit from a dose of MINDFULNESS, forward this post!

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