Clearing Practice of Feng Shui

Albeit more than a little premature, I’ve been tending to my “Spring” cleaning this week. As I polished, sorted, donated, and chased away dust bunnies, I was reminded of the great push I made a few year back to make my space “feng-shui” perfect….

Those thoughts led me to re-visit Simplified Feng Shui: The Energy of Life. Just as the title suggests, this is an ultra simplified feng shui approach to not drive you to the point of frazzle…which admittedly, I drove myself to! lol…

At any rate, if you’ve got money blocks, are experiencing a lack of love, or have some tension in your life, if you seek more recognition, better health, more solid connections, and even a little more travel in your life, pick up a copy of this informative, simplified feng shui approach to taking control of your life. 


Feng shui, literally translates to “wind and water.” It is the energy of life, and has an effect on your life whether you realize it or not. We’ve all walked into an environment that “felt” funny, or which we sensed was “not quite right.”

We may have encountered a fellow human who had off-putting energy. Although perhaps we couldn’t quite put a finger on it, we instinctively knew to steer clear of this person or suffer the results of ignoring our inner guidance.

Energy is everything. I am, you are, we are all energy. We are not made from energy. We ARE energy. At the molecular and subatomic level we are pure energy, as is all else. So it actually is not a far leap of faith to move from the physical to the energetic and to begin to release the areas where energy may be stagnant in our homes and offices and even on our bookshelves and desktops.

It starts with basic clutter-clearing. If you have a bunch of “genius piles” strewn about your home and office, and especially in your bedroom, clear the clutter and allow the flow of energy! If you have sticky doors, dead stuff, garbage, old stuff that reminds you of bad times, consider what the impact is and cure the issue!


At one time, I had “feng-shuied” every possible area of my life. My condo was pristine, the desk where I write was perfect, and every room within that condo was also feng-shui perfection. I about drove myself batty with the endeavor to correct the flow of that north facing, dimly lit, but otherwise lovely home.

It paid off. The “fame and reputation” area brought admiration, the career gua brought opportunities, the prosperity corner blessed me with riches, and romance blossomed as a result of those secretly stashed red…well, you get the idea. Feng shui works because energy is real.

If you want to jump-start the energies of your abundance, and of your life, start with this informative, immediately downloadable Simplified Feng Shui publication!


I won’t promise you that Simplified Feng Shui is the manifesting miracle, but what if it is? What if it holds the key to your success? 

Implementing the secrets of this “chi” freeing practice, as well as reading of this short, instantly downloadable PDF are easier than is the pronunciation of feng-shui! Simply click the secure PayPal button and download the Simplified Feng Shui PDF. It couldn’t be more simple to free up the stagnant energies of your life! And if you read it and look at the charts, within a short time, you will be seeing real results, simply by being mindful of your environment and of your object placement!

Today, to say thanks for being here, it’s only $17. Cool, ehh? But hurry! When I get my sanity back, the price goes back to $27….

PS~ If it asks for a password it’s “simple”!