Private Label Services


You are a prime candidate for acceptance into Private Label Services if:

  • You’re an authentic woman with some successes beneath your high heels, but you’re yearning to breakthrough your own personal self-imposed limitations.
  • You intuitively know there’s something more, a deeper meaning, a self-intimacy that is missing, a relentless calling that you must answer.
  • You are really ready to release the barriers and to finally play authentically big.
  • Your relationships are suffering, most especially the one with yourself.
  • Something is keeping you up at night, and it’s time to reveal and release it.
  • You are ready to commit to your personal transformation.
  • You are ready to stop being invisible and be the Queen of Your Life. 
  • You prefer a discrete, private, and personal avenue to your consultations.
  • Are willing to commit to 6 months intensive personal consulting.

Private Label Service is a discrete, personal, confidential service for VIP clients, and is available strictly to a select number of women.

This one-on-one premium level service consulting is specifically with me, women’s empowerment consultant and transformational author, Jan Deelstra (not with a team member) thus it is a well-guarded premier treat for a select handful of well-qualified clients. Because my limited time is simply too valuable to support more than a handful of Platinum Label Service candidates during any six-month period, in addition to remaining actively engaged in the other in-depth and empowering service offered I must limit the participants to a manageable number.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO have a wait list for this, with a few women waiting in the wings much of the time. However, new openings are made available each month at the end of any woman’s six-month term. Thus, if you are on a wait list, it may only be for a few days, to a few weeks. We do what we can to accommodate!

What to Expect:

Private Label Service is like having your own personal women’s empowerment consultant on speed dial! If you’re an evolving business woman with a diary of secret stories and passions, this highly confidential Private Label Service is for you.

  • Receive premium placement on my schedule with 48 hour notice
  • Be able to connect for consulting services outside of regular business hours
  • Receive confidential one-on-one consulting when YOU need it
  • Have access to a secure private phone line reserved for VIPs
  • Benefit from ‘real time’ live personal services (not recorded)
  • Retain the services of a highly qualified sought after consultant
  • Receive 6 full months of uninterrupted service
  • Transform your inner barriers into fuel for success
  • Receive a step-by-step blueprint for getting to the destination of choice
  • Create a clear and concise life map to determine your trajectory
  • Connect your spirit with your professional persona
  • Identify the exact beliefs and internalized messages that are holding you back
  • Receive personal guidance and trade-secret tools from a master coach
  • Learn to fall in love with the woman in the mirror
  • Release the blocks to self-love and success and fulfillment
  • Own your voice, and get your needs met
  • Step fully into your authentic whole empowered self
  • Receive a commitment to confidentiality
  • Experience your personal growth and transformation

Private Label Service is much more than a bunch of random coaching sessions. It is an experiential unfolding via a highly skilled women’s empowerment coach who has been in the business for thirty years….

Using cutting edge, ultra-effective tools of the trade, you will be immersed in the most authentic experience perhaps of your life. And when you have completed the allotted time period, you will leave changed, and with a toolkit over-flowing with techniques to call upon any time you desire….

This elite Private Label Service is by application only. To secure your placement in the next available opening, complete the application below, or secure your place via the secure PayPal button and you will receive an application. If for any reason you are not accepted, as with all our programs, your money will be promptly refunded.

Applications are accepted via the form below:

Secure your placement and lock in the price for the next six months**

Attention: Due to high demand as well as to the time and energy commitment required for participation, not everyone will be accepted for Private Label Service. If for any reason you are not accepted for Private Label Service a full refund will be made.


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