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I have come up with an efficient yet still very personal way to serve and empower more women, while still keeping the important connection and integrity intact while not making this service a “group” function.

Queen’s Dozen

I am running a trial special to see how it goes before implementing it full force so you won’t yet find this on the menu, and you’ll never again find it for this “beta” price. At this point, this very limited trial offer is only available through this page.

Here’s how it works: Instead of you purchasing either the 6 or the 12 month coaching packages, it is now possible to purchase the Queen’s Dozen, a demure compact package of 11, fifty-five minute coaching sessions to be used anytime within a 90 day period.

With some exceptions, you can schedule an appointment up to 24 hours in advance of when you feel the “need,” or you can schedule all eleven at one time and utilize the momentum in a fashion similar to a VIP day (at a fraction of the cost), or you can set up a series of weekly appointments for eleven weeks.*

The “YOU” Benefits:

  • This offer is perfect for you if you have ever wanted a confidential coach to hear your challenges and provide you with step-by-step clear solutions
  • You can “try on” the coaching process before investing in a long-term committment
  • This is a highly limited offer to connect with me personally via phone or Skype (not online in a portal)
  • You can address ANY issue that stands in the way of your personal dreams
  • You can create a rapid-results oriented plan for either personal or business purposes
  • It’s a perfect way to see if we’re a “good fit” for services
  • It’s an inexpensive way to invest in your self without risk
  • This short-lived opportunity comes with a very REAL bonus
  • Your outcome will be realized as we will reach the levels we need to reach in order that your plan for achieving your desires actually sticks
  • You can imagine yourself in 3-6 months from now when you have worked through the steps…. (Can you see the perma-grin on your face?)
  • The “You Benefit” of this savings is that you can finally reach the next level of your desired transformation
  • Imagine if you do nothing: Nothing changes. This opportunity changes everything!

*The transparency:

  • The 11 coaching sessions must be used within the 90 day period
  • The coaching sessions must be held within the first 3 weeks of every month
  • These sessions are a trial and will go quickly so not all who apply will get in
  • This offer will be taken down without warning when it fills to capacity

Why is this limited trial offer being made available?

Coaching is a personal service designed to empower, and it is not empowering to not be able to receive the coaching at the point where you most need or want it. You may have a challenge that you need to air out, and you don’t want to wait a week or longer to get some clarity. And maybe it’s a personal challenge that you’re not comfortable with airing in a forum. Or, maybe money is tight right now, and getting coaching will help free the flow of abundance, and this dramatically reduced rate, trial offer may be the door you’ve been waiting for the Universe to open to you.

With the Queen’s Dozen you can click into my schedule, and find an available time slot that suits you. And as easy as that, you’ve set up your appointment, because you’ve already pre-paid for the service. It’s the next best thing to having me on a retainer, which by the way, can also be an option for $2500 per month.

For this trial special, I am not asking anywhere near $2500. And my typical coaching fees of $400 per hour are tossed out too. For this very limited time trial, to see how manageable this is, the special pricing is only $997 for the entire Queen’s Dozen.

My bookkeeper and the IRS are going to be deeply “disappointed” in me for making this trial offer (that is really what they’ll say- “disappointed”)

They will swear I am out of my mind for giving these coaching sessions away for less than what I generally get paid for a personal consult.

To be honest, I kinda like that 🙂

And what I really like is that more women will have access to this life-transforming coaching. That’s the real “why” I am making this offer.

Here’s Something Else That Will REALLY Confuse Them!

Everyone who gets in on this Queen’s Dozen trial offer will also receive the following bonus:
(You knew there’d be a bonus!)

Each woman to successfully get in on the Queen’s Dozen will also receive a full-color, softcover copy of Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook ($97 Value).


PLEASE NOTE: This is an actual book which will ship to your door. Make certain we have your correct shipping address and phone number to prevent any issues during the shipping process.

“What if I already have the workbook?” you may ask.

To that I say, “GREAT. In that case, gift this one (or sell it!) to that friend or relative who will most benefit! You’ll intuitively know who that is….

Either way, you benefit from the bonus!”

Maybe you’ve had your eye on the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook and now you can get it as a FREE bonus, and use your coaching sessions to go through the workbook exercises with me in your ear, clarifying the processes….

Now THAT’s an empowering use of this very limited trial offer! That’s worth its weight in GOLD and YOU are gonna be feeling like a VIP client! (Which YOU are!)

Or, maybe you’ll decide to use the sessions to lay out a step-by-step plan to get you from “here” to “there.” We’ll determine where you want to set your destination, and we’ll create your plan.

In that case, the sessions may be held as close together as you need them to be for added accountability. Imagine choosing the dates and times to best suit your planned action. And then imagine having me personally in your ear, encouraging you, coaching you, and even calling you on your crap if need be….

Are you beginning to see how potentially valuable this limited trial special is?

Steps of success

How to Start:

Start here, by paying through this secure PayPal link. And once you have paid, you will be provided with access to my schedule where you can schedule as many or as few coaching sessions as you like up to 11 at this special trial pricing. If at all possible, I suggest you schedule ahead as many of your eleven sessions as possible to avoid being disappointed when the time slots fill up.

Need Special Financing? The beauty of PayPal is that they offer installment payments on approved credit!

Let’s Have Some Fun & Get Some Transformational Things Done!

I sincerely look forward to connecting with those of you who get in on this trial!

To reiterate: In this Queen’s Dozen you’ll get:

  • Eleven PERSONAL Coaching Sessions with me personally ($4,367 Value)
  • Full-color, softcover copy Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook ($97 Value)

I am so excited to connect with you! It’s time to let go of what doesn’t work, and discover and embrace what does work! Talk with you soon!

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