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You are one of the fortunate handful of women to get in on this highly limited trial offer! The response has been tremendous! And I cannot express how happy and excited I am to be offering you this special coaching opportunity, as well as giving you all the amazing and yummy bonuses that are a part of your Queen’s Dozen coaching package!


Your physical copy of Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook will go out via the USPS within the next few days, so please double-check that we have your correct address and phone number to ensure delivery. The workbook contains the same experiential exercises that I give my high-end clients and the same techniques and tools that are offered to some extent in the online courses. I think you will enjoy the workbook a great deal for the potentially life-transforming content it contains. It is definitely getting rave reviews! And if you’ve decided to use your coaching sessions to have me personally instruct you as you complete the workbook, that is a very good use of our time together!

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Your next step is to schedule at least one appointment on my calendar, and preferably, more. If none of the available dates work, send me a quick email at JanDeelstra@JanDeelstra.com with “Queen’s Schedule” in the Subject line. I will personally work with you to get you on my schedule.

PLEASE oh PLEASE do not share either this page or this email address. It is my personal email address and is not available to the public!

With that said, I want to say how truly pleased I am that you are here, and I want to share that I am so excited to get to our coaching sessions. To get the most out of your sessions, please consider the one thing that if it were to change, would transform your life. We’ll start there. So please have that answer ready to go when we “meet” for our first coaching session.

Before you head to the scheduler, I also want you to know that just by stepping up and grabbing this fantastic offer, you have begun the shift. The Universe takes notice of your intention to transform your life. You are supported in that intention.

I most sincerely look forward to it!
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