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Are You Ready for a Self-Love Quick-fix?

How Feeling Unlovable is Sabotaging
YOUR Love Life….

Often, we learn childhood lessons about being “unlovable.” Seeds from these unlovable lessons are internalized, and left untended, they may sprout and grow into adulthood, resulting in self-sabotage in all the areas of our life, including areas of personal interactions, wealth potential, health and wellness, career options, and of course, romantic love.

Are YOU repelling deeply satisfying love by continuing to fertilize a label of being “unlovable”?

The unlovable label may have come to us through watching our role models’ behaviors, or as a result of harmful words that broke our spirit and maimed our self-esteem.
Regardless of where, are from whom we learned that we are unlovable, these labels have a way of staying with us, affecting our love life in ways we fail to recognize.  We don’t seem to be able to see the missing piece of the puzzle….

Left to our own emotions, feelings like being separate from others, feeling isolated and excluded from life, questioning self-worth, and even depression are fertilized and grow into a jungle of tangled emotions….

The truth is, we may repeatedly change partners and end and start new relationships while seeking to find that “perfect” relationship, but until we unearth the roots of the truth –that being OUR hand in the ultimate failed effects, then nothing changes….

  • What does that mean for you? 
  • What effect is your past having on your current relationships? 
  • What can you do with the heartbreak of the past, to make your relationships stronger? 
  • How can you learn to love fully without losing yourself?
Whether you are single, married, looking, engaged, straight, gay, or other, if you are struggling in love, it may be time for a new perspective. 

Here’s what’s true: Your internal thermostat of self-love affects your self-confidence and you concept of self-worth. YOU are the only one who can change the results that show up in your life. That’s because your inner concept of who you are and what you deserve, is the hub of your life. It’s the core from which all else evolves….

If your life were drawn as a wheel, with each important element of your life, a pie slice portion, would it appear balanced or lop-sided? Would it have smooth circular edges or be more like a flat tire? Does your wheel of life most resemble that of a sleek race car or does it more closely mimic the stone-age version?

What if you could spend one hour with me, honestly creating a step-by-step plan to consciously create the love life you desire?
And what if following that first hour, you had 5 more short pep sessions to further hone your wheel of balance and keep you moving forward?

Here’s what I am suggesting: I know a LOT about self-esteem and how your sense of worth affects every area of your life. And I know the fastest and most effective means of consciously creating a well-balanced life that sets you above the norm….

Since I have the means, and I would love nothing better than to share those trade secrets with you, I am making this special offer to only a handful of women.

Typically, one hour with me will cost you between $397-497 ($1400 for intensive VIP sessions. And that’s a 55 minute “hour” by the way.)

What I am offering here is equal to 2 full hours, (and I am making this offer strictly to the first 5 to grab it because I have a LOT going on this month), and I am offering it for a one-time payment of only $247.

Here’s how it works:

We will have one intensive call to get to the core, and during that call, we will create a plan based on my decades of experience coupled with my intuition and your input. You’ll leave the call with a step-by step plan, and an appointment for our next five 11 minute calls. I call these Quick Switch calls, and they are intended to keep you from regressing once you’re on the pathway to self-love and resultant romantic love.

 Did I mention there are GIFTS?

As a special thank you gift for connecting with me, you’ll receive access to
Cultivating Self-Worth: You are a Perfect Seed

A 30 day home study course valued at $397, it’s yours at no-cost 

When your payment is processed, you’ll land on a page where you can schedule our first call!

And on that call, I will give you access to your bonus gift!

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Grab your place in this virtual (online) process that delivers the tools to help you find, and/or enhance your love life!

See you there!

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