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REAL Freedom Includes Financial Freedom

This time of year, I am deep in reflection, taking a sabbatical from the hustle bustle of both business and personal life. It’s the anniversary of the death of my son, and there is something inside that just clicks, compelling me into a sacred place within, where my heart and thoughts can simply be.

It’s also, the week when the USA celebrates independence. I’ll hold back on my political perspective, and only share my belief that true freedom is what we all aspire to, and decidedly deserve.  And frankly, my belief is that we all deserve and thrive with financial freedom. Scarcity and lack of any sort, hinders true freedom. So although I am away from the work day, I am depending on the miracles of modern day technology to get this Freedom Special into your hands before it expires, because real freedom includes financial freedom.

From now until July 8th, MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting, the 7-week online home study course is reduced from its original price of $1997 to only $474.

And there are special payment plans included too!

What IS this life transforming course about?

Click thru below to discover for yourself! But do it NOW, as the price will be $997 on Sunday night at midnight PST.

And by the way, that’s not all!

Have you ever wanted personal coaching, customized specially for you?

For half the price of the original MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting course you can have a one on one personal coaching session PLUS the full 7-week MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting course (access is yours forever once you’ve enrolled!).

That means for only $997, you get access to MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting (a $1997 value) PLUS PERSONAL COACHING WITH ME* (a $997 value!).

That means you’re getting almost $3000 worth of what can be PRICELESS transformation wares for only $997!

Or, forego the personal coaching and get the MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting course and do it on your own. It’s completely possible to transform your money story in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Start today, by making the decision to make it happen.

Click the live linked purple button below to learn more:

Clicking the purple button above takes you to the Winged-Women™ Academy where you can learn more and enroll. Once your payment has been processed, you’ll have immediate access to your private portal where your money transformation starts! And remember, you’ll have access to the course content for as long as you like! It’s yours forever!

*This offer for the one-on-one coaching is subject to availability.

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