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Redefining “Selfish”: World Mental Health Day

Today, October 10th, 2019 is World Mental Health Day. I find it telling that we don’t have “World Physical Health Day” or “World Spiritual Health Day”. There is such a separation of “self” that we may not recognize the whole mind-body-spirit of our Self…. Yet we are connected; one whole being. And mental health care is equally important as is physical health care as is spiritual health care. But we live in a world that separates our bodies from our spirits from our minds…. And that’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s not a wonder that suicides are on the increase worldwide. So much emphasis is placed on “achievement” as defined by the outside world, and unless you’re a monk, little merit is given to either spiritual or mental wellness. In fact, our entire system of priorities is upside down. The mind-body-spirit is one whole YOU. There is no separation as such. And it is up to each of us as individuals to care for our whole self, to focus on our mental wellness and on our spiritual wellness and on our physical wellness. It’s imperative that we feed our whole self what it needs to thrive in balance, and to not neglect one segment in favor of some socially accepted model that may not serve our best interest. We must never fall into the trap of believing only our bodies matter.

If we are ever to be whole and happy and well we must redefine “selfish” to mean self-care.

It’s so easy to put a hashtag on an issue for one day, and then forget about it the next. We can feel like heroes when we spout off our well-meaning words, yet fail to follow through with any real value, To avoid being a member of that camp, I want to urge you to create a mindfulness calendar, or download an app that reminds you to practice self-care throughout the day. (Yes, there’s an app for that!) Conscientiously practice “WHOLE” Self care everyday and you won’t need to focus on one single “World Mental Health Day” or on any other single wellness cause.

I feel I must share a caveat, and that is, I am not blind to the need for more mental health care, globally. My bias is that if we live in balance, as nature intended us to do, we will see a marked improvement in wellness, whether mental health or physical health. So the caveat is that not everyone is ready to not need a bit of extra mental health care. And that’s nothing to run from.  In fact, we must wipe out the stigma that seeking mental health care is weak. We don’t judge the action of reaching out for physical health care as being weak. We must stop the separation model as it does much harm. With that said, do something nice for you today.

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