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These FREE Relationship Tools Are Not Just For Those In Relationships

Every relationship throughout our individual life plays an important role, whether it be a life lesson on love or on loss. Most especially, every relationship is a mirror for self-love. How well do you love yourself? What inner dialog throughout the day, affirms the god/goddess in you? Are you tender and nurturing with you, or are you impatient and judgmental? What energetic charge are you bringing into your relationships, including into the one with your self?

When you communicate, are you defensive, accusatory, gentle, patient, abrupt, condescending, passive, or aggressive? Do you know the secret to effective communication? In case you missed it, it’s the use of “I” messages.  When you use “I” instead of “YOU” in your communication, you are simply stating/owning your feelings. Saying “I feel sad,” or “I am angry,” is making a statement of how you are feeling. On the other hand, saying “You make me angry,” or “You are (fill in the blank) causes the receiving party to become defensive; it shuts down the communication path almost immediately.

Every thought and action and attempt at communication comes either from a place of love or fear. Where are your thoughts, actions, and words stemming from, most of the time? Do you stick to “I” messages or do you often lay blame at the feet of others?

And what about the way you treat YOU? Are you consistent in a mindset of ritualized self-care or are you a haphazard caretaker?

Are you acutely self-aware or do you refuse to see your ‘self’ in true living color?


Here’s why it matters: You attract the equal of what you emit. With this in mind, and most especially in these days when so many lessons of “manifesting” are swirling around in the Internet ethers, we know that what we are broadcasting is returning to us in the terms of experiences and people who move into and through our lives.

In essence, if you’ve done the work on yourself, you’re no longer willing to settle for less than you deserve. Even the powerfully beckoning adrenaline addiction that comes from being in an unhealthy roller coaster relationship isn’t enticing enough to get you to get back on that drama train. When you’ve done the work, you value you. And when you value YOU, you don’t accept or attract abuse in any sheep’s clothing. With eyes wide open, your heart is like an automatic garage door and you have full control over the remote. With eyes wide open, we’re back to the beginning, which is the awareness that self-esteem affects every area of life.

With that in mind, I’m giving you FREE access to a Confidential Self Esteem Assessment Questionnaire to answer in the privacy of your own thoughts. It’s a lengthy questionnaire, and it’s not designed to be a fix, or a quick fix, or anything other than a questionnaire to get you to focus on your self-esteem.

Regardless of whether or not you are currently in a romantic relationship, the Confidential Self Esteem Assessment Questionnaire can provide an idea of where you are in your self-esteem level. And if you’re not in the mood or mindset to download and answer the entire questionnaire, you may enjoy this short little Co-dependency Quiz.

To learn more about assertive versus aggressive communication, about the power of words, and most specifically, to learn more about gestalt techniques for bolstering self-esteem and enhancing your life, click the book cover below and buy the book on It’s the life manual you’ll dog-ear for decades to come!

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