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Are you ready to release stuck energies that may be killing you?

At this point in your life experiences, chances are you’ve had some level of physical or emotional trauma, or maybe you have held onto the emotions associated with loss (especially of a loved one or of a valued relationship or of a cherished position), or perhaps you have suffered an identity crisis due to bullying or abuse -either physical or mental, or maybe you’ve held onto memories that no longer serve your personal growth. If so, you have stuck or stagnant energy pockets that hinder the circulation of energy adversely affecting your both physically and mentally.

These energetic blockages actually impact your mental AND physical health, and in the extreme, this condition contributes to dis-eases, cancers, hyper-tension, heart disease, and eventually, may even lead to death.

In other words,
stuck energy can be deadly.


At the very least, stuck and stagnant energy prevents the circulation of your energy field. And as humans, we are meant to live in a state of optimal balance where our energy is free to circulate.

You know if you are feeling sluggish.
You recognize if you have no energy.
You are aware when you have foggy thoughts.
You know intuitively feel the difference between circulation and stagnation 

These are clear signs that your energy flow is blocked.  In fact, in a group setting, participants are involved in an exercise that allows each participant to see and feel the effects of energy when it is not allowed to flow. And now, you too can experience the means to release any stuck and stagnant energies that stop your healthy circulation in your energy body….

When you’re ready to release stuck energies and free the flow for optimal living,
you’re prime for the Emotional Transformative Release Technique…

I’ve pulled together something that may be truly liberating for you….

Actually, the technique is not new. It’s something I have been using in my private practice for decades. What is new, is that, you can now have access to the energy-releasing process for use in your own home!

The Emotional Transformative Release Technique is being offered as an instantly downloadable program. It arrives as a set that includes a 23 page eBook and 3 separate audio MP3 recordings. All you need do is plug in the earbuds and follow along to begin to release stagnant energies which may be keeping you from living your life to the fullest….

So what is the Emotional Transformative Release Technique?

By now, pretty much everyone on the planet knows that energetic blocks in our psyche and ethereal light body can stop us from emerging into our full purposeful potential.

We know that these inner blocks, when left as stuck energy, can lead to a general feeling of malaise and to the extreme end of the spectrum which is disease and even death.

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Since 1984, I have witnessed women finally consciously releasing the blocks that have stifled them, often for a period of decades. As those stagnant energies are freed up, they are made available for productive purpose. Witnessing this liberating shift is the gift in my work.

Seeing a woman release past pains, break free of stagnant energetic memories that held her shackled to the past, guiding her to re-define limiting beliefs, assisting her in releasing what doesn’t serve to empower her to live her life liberated from the energetic hold, is truly the fuel that keeps me doing what I do year after year after decades….

Emotional Transformative Release Technique is a beautiful transformative cycle

As the name implies, the Emotional Transformative Release Technique is designed to dis-integrate the source of energy blockage by addressing specific areas of focus. And now, you can have access to this Emotional Transformative Release Technique as a digital boxed set available as an immediate download.

Your well-being is a composite, a fusion of the following:

Balance/Alignment ~Thoughts/Physical Body/Emotion

The Emotional Transformative Release Technique works with alignment of the mind-body-spirit gestalt whole of who you are. That’s because when you are aligned, mind, body, and spirit, you are in your healthiest, optimal state of balance. And this balanced state is your most authentic state of being.

Again, the set is comprised of an eBook, and three audio MP3 recordings that lead the way through the process that has freed thousands of women and men from the stuck energies that hinder real living. Although the recordings are not new, they are timeless. And by listening to the audios and reading thru the 23 page eBook and taking action as instructed, you can easily experience fabulously liberating energetic freedom with this Emotional Transformative Release Technique set!

Simply click the secure PayPal button and as soon as your payment is processed, you’ll have forever access to the transformational tools. Never again allow energy stagnate and cause harm. Start today for only $17.

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