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Resistance to Success is a Sneaky Bird….

When something appears in my awareness more than twice in a brief period, it’s a sign to pay attention. Lately, that repeat offender is the success diminishing habit of resistance. Recently, I’ve had several conversations with different people, and in each case, there was an underlying tone of excuses that, though barely noticeable, were obvious to my trained psychic eye. All I could do was watch as excuses were lobbed like hand grenades exploding the path of least resistance, and blocking the momentum of success. It reminds me of using the excuse that, “I have to wash my hair” as an escape from dating someone. “Too busy,” can be a form of resistance.

Resistance by any other name is still procrastination. And procrastination is a fear-based behavior that’s designed to protect us from the possibility of getting our ego bruised from the vantage point of self perceived failure. In other words, it’s safer to do nothing, or to become defiant, or to simply passively-aggressively pretend there is no action to be taken, until some arbitrary deadline had passed, taking our chances with it. This safety feature is prehistoric, and was once useful in perpetuation of the human species. Now it’s an annoyance that, until one adequately addresses the pattern of self-sabotage, stops any chance of real success.

Resistance is a sneaky bird that may go unnoticed. It may be such an automated coping technique that  you don’t even notice when you create excuses that stop you from being vulnerable. It may also be the frequency you project into your life stream. What that means is that you let others off the hook by projecting that resistance into your relationships and conversations. Your resistance becomes the standard of operation, and others follow your lead, unaware that there is any interaction taking place. Everyone is tossing up the energetic barriers and nothing is moving forward, because no one realizes the way they are blocking the momentum of success.

Do you identify ways in which you have resistance to success? If so, your self-awareness is the place to create true change for success. When you can identify your own tendencies towards stopping your unfolding, and expanding into your fuller potential.

Start by identifying something you want. It could be success in a new endeavor, or it could be a material possession that you desire.  Be an observer and notice what thoughts surface as you consider this desire. How do you feel both emotionally and physically? Notice anywhere that stress shows up in your body as you feel into this desired outcome. When you can align your thoughts, your physical feelings, and your emotions with the desire, you can release any resistance that may try to rear it’s ugly, unsupportive head. THIS is the path to creation of the life you desire and deserve.

Feed your self-worth. You are worthy and deserving of the life you desire.




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