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Who Were YOUR Role Models for ‘LOVE’?

LoveA lot of what passes as “love” is not necessarily authentic love. Often, people “fall in” without looking at exactly what it is that they are falling into!

Have you ever wondered if you are co-dependent?
Are you currently in a co-dependent relationship?
Have you invested time and energy, only to realize that it was something which would have been better if avoided?
Have you ever been in a healthy relationship? How do you know?
Who were your role models for love?
How can you tell whether it’s authentic love or if it’s an unhealthy co-dependency?

If you really want to know if it’s Co-Dependence or LOVE:
Co-Dependency or LOVE Cover 3D PNG

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fall-in-loveLove isn’t meant to hurt, harm, control, stifle, judge, manipulate, own, destroy or get under your skin, mess up your head, or otherwise cause a loss of balance.
Authentic love is empowering, not dis-empowering.
Authentic love is liberating, not shackling.
Authentic love is based on respect, and comes ONLY when one first authentically loves his/herself.

Co-Dependency or LOVE Cover 3D PNG

If you’re in a relationship that is harmful in any way, leave immediately. 
PERIOD. No Excuses ♥

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Everyone deserves a healthy, safe, fulfilling relationship.


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