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If you feel scarcity in any area of your life, read this…

If you feel scarcity in any area of your life, read this..because there is a cause and a solution, and both are contained in this post. Yes, there is a scarcity cure!

Curious? Read on….

There are core areas of your life that reflect your self image in the same way your vanity mirror reflects your face. Your romantic life, your bank balance, your happiness stash, your creativity pool, and your health and wellness well are all perfect reflections of your self-worth and deserving.

In other words, your self-worth is exhibited in the picture of everything you do in life.

Start Here:

Take an honest look at your life. Is there any area where you could use a little improvement? Maybe there are multiple areas of your life that you would like to up-level. If so, the fix may surprise you. But first, before we look at the “solution” let’s look closer at the “cause” of the scarcity.

There were no classes in school that taught the correlation between self-esteem and an abundant life. You weren’t taught the truth about the toxic lies told about wealth and the wealthy, or about where abundance really comes from, or about how you can increase abundance of love and money, happiness and creativity, health and wellness simply by enhancing your confidence and self-worth. You were definitely not taught to question the source of whatever you learned about life….

Yet how many women truly own their worth and deserving?
How many women own their wealth potential?
How many women would benefit if they realized the connection between confidence and abundance?

Unearth the beliefs you’ve internalized when it comes to abundance.

Consider for a moment, who your role models for love, wealth, wellness, etc. were. What were the specific messages you learned?

Really invest in answering these questions, because once you unearth the source of the messages, and exactly what those messages are, you can decide for yourself how to proceed. You can decide if the lessons you’ve learned about love and money are supporting you, or if they are keeping you small and living in a pattern of scarcity. Identify the stories, and own what feeds your soul. Then let go of anything that holds you small. You were a child when you absorbed these limiting messages. As an adult, you can decide for yourself, which beliefs have kept you from expanding into your potential.

After you take an honest look at your life areas, and take note of any area that could use a bit of attention, take an honest look at yourself in the mirror.

  • Notice what you see when you look in the mirror.
  • Notice how you feel inside when you look at your refection in the mirror.
  • Notice what thoughts surface when you look.
  • Notice the difficulty or ease in which you make eye contact.
  • Allow yourself to be fully present while looking at yourself.
  • Trust that you will benefit from looking closely at yourself.


Once you’ve taken an honest look at yourself and at your life areas, decide on one area to focus on. Start with only one area. When you master one area, the other areas will begin to up-level too, and you can then shift focus to further polish any area you choose.

For this post, let’s use the example of romance. Your lack of confidence most definitely affects your chances for top-shelf romance. Without a secure self-worth you won’t take the same chances as you will when you feel confident. Likewise with finances. Your confidence has a direct connection to your wealth potential by way of the opportunities that you take note of, and on those you take advantage of. There is no separation between the way you do romance and the way you do finance…. Scarcity is a life theme. It is a thread that comes from your inner core of self-worth and deservingness for abundance. Up-level your self-image and up-level your life.

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You deserve abundance.

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