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It’s important that on the day of our session, you arrive rested, and ready to connect fully.

We will have 90 minutes or less, to complete the session. EVERY SECOND COUNTS.

You may experience apprehension or anxiety prior to our connection; that’s perfectly normal.

To help alleviate unnecessary stress, I ask you to have a tall glass of water handy, along with multiple writing tools, in case one or more run out of ink, or a lead breaks, etc.

It may also be wise to have some tissues handy.

REMEMBER: This is a Skype session (audio only)

Be certain to send a ‘CONTACT REQUEST’ ahead of time to LIVE:jdeelstra_2
(You will be provided this contact address during the scheduling process.)

We’ll start by forming an authentic connection, and then we will begin the journey to release what needs to be addressed.

Throughout the session, you will be asked about how you are feeling. This is important, because your feelings are going to be instrumental in the clearing.

Most of all, simply commit to the process, show up on time and ready for your custom journey.
I look forward to it!

See you soon!

PS~ If you have technology troubles, or for any other reason need to reach out prior to our session, reach me at