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Second Secret Step to Manifesting What YOU Really DO Want

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As promised yesterday, today I am giving you a second secret step to manifesting what YOU want.  In case you missed it, step one to manifesting anything is clarity. Without clarity you manifest loose ends, or chaos. In other words, you manifest lack of clarity, aka confusion. Confusion is the enemy of manifestation! On the other hand, clarity is the fertilizer to manifesting whatever you desire, so start with getting very clear about what you DO want, as opposed to focusing on what you don’t want. The biggest, most common thing I see in my clients’ lack of manifesting what they want, is the lack of clarity and focus on what they DO want. It’s easy to look at what we don’t want, and since what we focus on expands, we create exactly what we don’t want! “Whoa is me” is the universal call to manifesting more whoa! If you don’t want to manifest misery, don’t call it in! That’s where extreme clarity comes into play. When you can clearly envision exactly what it is that you DO want, and when you can clearly see yourself experiencing that exact manifestation, when you can fully believe in your worthiness for having that manifestation, only then are you on track for realizing that dream.

The second step in manifesting what you want is to address any doubts. Any roadblocks of self-doubt must be released, and replaced with unwavering self-worth and deserving. When you can really feel into your deservingness, you will remove the blocks to achieving whatever it is that you desire to manifest.

Sometimes self-doubt is so ingrained as to be invisible. Again your journal comes in handy as a tool for working thru any inner blocks. Give yourself the time and space to meditate on your dreams and on the reason you have yet to realize your potential. You may want to connect with a coach or trusted friend to help you see anything that you may be missing. Often, a quick clarity call with a coach like myself is all that’s required to get fresh eyes on the blocks you may be missing. Feel free to email me at jan@winged-women if you’re interested in exploring further (the first 15 minute no obligation call via audio only Skype is free.) When you identify inner blocks to manifesting what you really want, you can consciously decide* to release those self-sabotaging beliefs and open the flow for what you are intent on manifesting.

There are several ways to claim your worthiness. Affirmations, courses such as are offered at the Winged-Women™Academy, personal coaching, books, and journaling are but a few of the paths towards unwavering self-esteem. A list of possibilities follows, and frankly, the most jam-packed source of experiential exercises for letting go of anything that holds you small can be found most especially in the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook. With that clarification in mind, I am supplying a list of four clear options:

Winged-Women™Academy Confidence and Manifesting Courses
Escaping the Chrysalis: Transform Struggles into Strengths Book
Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook
Coaching Services:

Tomorrow’s post will pull it all together with the third secret step to manifesting what you want, a secret sauce that adds an adhesiveness that will empower you further to manifest whatever it is that you really want.  It’s juicy! So be sure to check it out! Until then. please comment about any thoughts or questions you may have about manifesting your desires. I, and others, appreciate your comments as your words inspire. Thanks in advance!

See you tomorrow!

*If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you probably know that “decide” means to cut away other options; decide to manifest; decide to release inner blocks; decide to do what it takes….

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