Self-Awareness: It’s The New Black


You probably catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror several times each day. But how often do you actually stop and take a close look?
Oh sure, you notice if your pants are the ‘right’ length, or if your shirt is too wrinkled, or if your sweat is showing. You probably notice each new wrinkle and pimple within moments of their arrival. You may even get close up as you pick and pluck. But how often do you really stop to see the whole you in that mirror?

I’ve seriously had group participants run from the room, screaming in pain, rather than look at that face in the mirror. Their face. The one they live with day after day.


I do not chase them. Because even with the running and screaming, there is a little awakening taking place. The internal shift has begun. And many times, they return; when they are ready, they come and face the inner demons and then release those demons (who turn out to be mostly just kid stuff, after all),  and then they go on to blossom into spectacular splendor.

I’m the first to admit that it’s tough sometimes, to really make eye contact with the ‘self’ because we are seeing that ‘self’ with all the filters, biases, and guilt of our entire life to date. And admittedly, courage is a rare commodity, but when that courage is mustered and the face is…well, faced, there is a magnificent transformation that takes place.

Here’s the thing: Your personal power is wrapped up nicely in the ability to see you.

Yep. Self-Awareness: It’s the new black.


Today, I encourage you to take a fifteen-minute time out from life.

Go to the bathroom, lock the door, and gaze lovingly into your own eyes. And if not gazing lovingly, at least make it a point to make extended eye contact. Give yourself permission to see all of you.

As you look, really see with your entire whole/gestalt self: How do you feel? Are you finding it difficult or easy to make eye contact with you? Do you use your eyes as deflectors? Is so, what are you deflecting? What do you not want to see? What are your hands doing? Are your fists clenched or open? Are your palms dry or moist? “See” your heart: Is it beating rapidly or is it a typical rate? Is your jaw slack or tense? How’s your overall posture? Are you standing straight and tall or hunched with the weight of your world? Can you see your sense of humor represented by your whole/gestalt reflection? Where do you wear your battle scars?

Before you leave that mirror, name five things that you love and admire about your reflection. Pay attention to how you’re feeling as you seek out those five adorations. Just notice. This is not a self-abuse experience. This is a self-awareness experience.

Notice without placing judgments on the experience.

Notice: Is it easy to come up with your list of five attributes? Is it challenging? How does it feel to contemplate your greatness? Are you still making eye contact?

Are you breathing? Take a deep breath now, and exhale fully through your open mouth; let out some of the stress.

Consciously acknowledging your feelings, physically and emotionally, removes much of the charge and lessens the physiology. In other words, when you notice yourself feeling nervous in any given situation, taking note of the nervousness is like a release valve that allows some pressure to escape. Noticing is the place to take stock, and adjust the wings when necessary to take you to your chosen destination. (You do have a chosen destination, right?? If not, skip to the bottom and fill out the form asap! This is urgent! You must have a decided plan for your destination. Now. Right now.)

Self-awareness is the start of self-fulfillment.


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Namaste. I truly bow to, and honor the greatness of you, gestalt/whole.

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