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Self-Awareness is YOUR Key to EVERYTHING

Do you believe me when I say, “self-awareness is your key to everything”? It is. And here’s a short list to back up my assertion:

  • It’s impossible to make changes and self-improvements if you don’t have the self-awareness to recognize the obstacle or challenge for what it truly is.
  • Without self-awareness, we would miss the subtleties that others intuitively pick up on in our body language, speech-patterns, energetic vibration, etc.
  • Self-awareness is the starting place on the journey to truly mindful living.
  • Self-awareness empowers each of us to make clear choices based on our skill level at any given moment, while spotlighting the areas where we can improve.
  • Self-awareness fertilizes personal growth as we consciously decide what to release that is not serving us.
  • Self-awareness is the root of authentic relationships with our ‘self’ and with others.

Having just completed the re-certification coursework for life coaching has me considering the ways in which my own awareness of the importance of self-awareness in coaching has been the thread through the years. As a women’s empowerment coach facilitating Self-Awareness &  Assertiveness Training groups, I’ve been blessed to witness frequently near-miraculous results. All the results had their beginnings in self-awareness. ALL.

Try this at home: Go into your bathroom, preferably when the house is empty, and look into your bathroom mirror. (No, you don’t have to be naked to do this!) As you look at your reflection, notice how you are feeling physically, and then emotionally. Notice the difficulty level of retaining eye contact with you. Is it a challenge to keep looking at you? Do your eyes glance only briefly, and then avert, or do you love looking yourself in the eye? What is your heart-beat doing? Is it steady or erratic? Are you sweating? Are your fists open or clenched? What is the emotion associated with looking at you? What are the inner messages that you are hearing in your head? Is someone telling you to not “be vain,” or some other lesson of supposed vanity?

There is no judgement here. Simply look in the mirror at yourself. And notice what you see with all your senses. If you hear negative self-talk, identify where you first learned the lesson or heard the words. If the message isn’t supportive, let it go. You don’t need it. The first step to empowerment is owning the whole of you. Start with the woman in the mirror.

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