Self-Esteem Is Key To Everything In Life

It seems as if everyone is looking outside of themselves for the answers to their personal problems and challenges, when the better option is to develop self-awareness and bolster self-esteem. The concept of looking outside for the answers in akin to approaching a stranger on the street corner and asking him to fix your broken zipper. In other words: It’s absurd.

And yet the truth is, folks like me make a lot of money by facilitating the process of taking participants out of pain and into potential by providing self-esteem tools and techniques. And that is a very different angle to the ask-a-stranger means of healing oneself from the accumulated pains of life. It’s also quite different from asking a friend or loved-one for the answers to your problems. Friends and relatives are often wrong as they have their own projections that blur their vision and many friendships are quickly lost when an ego investment gets in the way.

What is meant by “ego investment”?

The friend and/or loved-one takes it personally when you don’t do as they say. The friend’s ego is invested in whether or not you do as they say (and on their time-table, by the way). If you do as they suggest and it all works out, the friend can feel like your savior. If you do as your friend suggests and it doesn’t work out, there may be some resentments on either side. If you don’t do as you were advised by the friend, the friend’s bruised ego gets in the way of your transformative process. None of these options can be good for the friendship.

Here today, I offer you a gift. Today I give you the key to the universe and to releasing all your pain; I give you the key that leads to enhanced self-esteem, and to your transformation into your full-winged potential.
Are you ready? Here it is, the key to life:

key to life

Your best answers are inside.

Why? How could this claim that your best answers are inside possibly be true? Here’s the short list of reasons that will back up my claim:

 No one knows you like you know you.

Yep. Nobody knows you like you know you.

Albert Einstein said something to the effect of we can’t fix what’s broken using the same mindset with which the problem was created. This is true; however, we can shift the mindset. And we can bolster your self-esteem by utilizing highly effective, multiple gestalt-based self-esteem building tools such as self-awareness techniques that create rapid results.

That’s what I am here to do. I facilitate transformational shifts. And I don’t take it personally if you don’t invest in yourself. Our friendship doesn’t suffer when you don’t take action.

I am here to help YOU shift, if that is what you choose.

Your transformation is all that is needed to bring you out of the pain you are in. When you are ready to consciously begin the process of leaving the pain and traveling to the potential, send an email to; and then, a confidential self-esteem assessment will arrive in your email box. At your leisure, complete the questionnaire. Even if you never return it, you may receive a positive transformational shift simply as a result of having taken time to answer the questions. When you are ready…. (Now, is a good time to take that first, free, courageous step into your wholeness.)

Gestalt means whole, and so too, are you whole and complete.

You simply need to re-member the parts into a cohesive whole empowered you.

*How much is an investment into you, into your transformational life worth to you?

*Where will you be in three months if nothing changes?

*Where will you be in one year if nothing changes?

*Where will you be in five years if nothing changes?

*Where, in your dream of dreams, do you desire to be?

*If not now, then when will you decide that you are worth investing in?

*If you’re telling yourself that you “can’t afford it,” what fear is really being masked by that claim?

*What can you immediately do to start the process towards your fulfilment?

Might I suggest that simply by reading to this point, your progressive shift in consciousness has begun. And the next step is to simply shoot off an email and request your Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment. Even if you never return it, answer the questions and contemplate you. You deserve to thrive. And to make it super-duper no-brainer simple to START the process, not only am I offering the Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment, I am also giving away a FREE Module One of the START Program. COMPLETELY FREE. Go to the START PAGE and claim your FREE GIFT! The START program is the place to START to build your self-esteem. But before you do that, do yourself a HUGE favor and send for the Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment. Send an email request to Together, these two FREE self-esteem building tools can get you started on your journey to limitless potential.

You deserve to live your best whole/gestalt life.



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