What do you feel when you look in the mirror?

Everything here could be categorized under the single heading “Self-Esteem,” thus, to actually create a page about self-esteem may seem a bit redundant. With that said, there is much to be said about the importance of self-esteem. In my estimation, self-esteem is the umbrella under which all else in life falls. You’ll read at least a thread of it often if you follow my blog or subscribe to the Spirit of Women newsletter.

The Self-Esteem page is the most often visited, and for good reason:

  • Who has never had a bout of self-doubt?
  • Who is not to benefit from the boost that comes with self-awareness?

The answer to both questions, I’m guessing, is not one single honest human.

Self-esteem, after all, has a direct effect on every facet of our subjective lives from our health to our wealth and undoubtedly on our friendships and relations and on our opportunities for expansion and authentic growth.

So what do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it a pleasant experience or do you quickly avert your eyes? If you allow yourself to really look deeply, what internal messages rise up to greet you? Is the voice stern or nurturing? Kind and considerate or judgmental and shaming? Whose voice is it really? Where did you first learn what to see when you look at you? From whom did your most impactful message of self-worth come? Does the voice belong to a care-giver? A guardian? An older sibling? A teacher?

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Because self-esteem is of such immeasurable importance, it is the reason I show up each day not only as the CEO of Winged~Women Life & Business Coaching, and as a writer of empowering transformational books and workbooks, but most importantly, as a woman, as the captain and navigator of my own personal craft.

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As I see things, self-esteem is the root cause of the ills of the human race, from gang involvement to suicide to homicide to personal conflict to global conflict to folks just feeling inadequate to reach for elusive goals and plan for opulence rather than continuing to court the conditions of ‘lack’.

Self-esteem profoundly affects all of us. And so, in the simple obvious scheme of life, it appears that to improve one’s self-esteem is to improve one’s life, overall. Now that seems like a fairly easy thing to do, and it is, with a little hand-holding and direction from those who have gone before you.

  • How’s your self-worth?
  • Do you KNOW your value?
  • Do you feel “deserving”?

Because I’ve had several of my own, and have learned the rapid techniques to transform them, I now help women transform their struggles into strengthsâ„¢.

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The effects of empowered women are profound personally and globally. My life’s mission has been, and continues to be, empowering women by helping them enhance their individual self-esteem and self-love.

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If you’re ready to explore options for consciously creating the life you were meant to live, schedule a complimentary 15 minute Clarity Call. You have my word and my promise: There is no “Hard-Selling” ever. You may be amazed at the power of a short 15 minute call. Sometimes all it takes is a little clarity….

So start by answering the following questions:

  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What is ONE thing, that if released, would free your energy for greatness?

Whatever it is, I can help you to transform it, resulting in your liberation from whatever has kept you stuck, or fearful, or feeling like you’re not enough.

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In truth, you are more than enough. You’ve just dis-owned some important parts of your ‘self’ along the way…pieces that when you re-claim them, will help you to feel whole and deserving and worthy….

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Schedule a complimentary 15 minute Clarity Call. It’s the place to start to step into your new normal: A power confident women who owns it ~ALL of It!
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