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The Self-Worth Experience

You are a perfect seed. Inside of you, there is a growth that was planted when you were very young, and which has been cultivated by your behaviors.
You unconsciously repeat the self-talk and the habituated behaviors to ensure the continuous growth of this inner vine….
You choose situations and players that reinforce your commitment to this growth, and you do it all, while protesting the truth, even as you feed it….


That vine is the weed of self-doubt.
And that self-doubt is at the core of poor self-esteem.
And self-esteem affects every facet of your life. EVERY. SINGLE. AREA.


Your self-worth affects your wealth potential.


Your self-worth affects how you see yourself….


Your sense of worthiness affects how you perceive the Earth….


Without feelings of confidence you continue to cultivate situations to keep you rooted in familiar feelings…never straying too far from the tree of insecurity and self-doubt.


When we dig a little deeper, we see that your feelings of not-being good enough are actually fear-based habits which keep you safe in the status quo….

You never have to be seen or judged when you stay small.

But what are you missing?

Is your passionate purpose to live small?

Are you living by default?

Or are you ready to really step into your goddess self…

…cultivate the divinity that is within you

and BE that woman?


Are you ready to let go of the victim role?

Are you willing to release your investment in being unworthy?

Would you like to tend to your garden now? If so, I have a fantastic opportunity for you:
Cultivating Self-Worth: You Are a Perfect Seed


Start by listening to the audio.

Then click the button where you will enter into the secure online portal where you will begin immediately to cultivate the goddess in you….

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The downloadable audio version of the Self Worth Experience is below.

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