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Self-Worth is an Inside Job, and Here’s a Key Tool to Help You Grow


How you feel inside, is expressed in everything you do. Your self-worth has a direct effect on every area of your life. It affects where you live, who you interact with, what jobs and education and opportunities, and it most definitely has an effect on your bank balance. Innately, you know that bolstering your self-worth is an inside job. Yet, just maybe you don’t know what steps to take to make those alterations that will finally free you forever from painful feelings of self-doubt, questions of worth, and ain inner war with whether or not you are deserving….

If you can honestly say you are happy with your self-worth,
you can stop reading now and pass this on to a woman who will benefit.

If you can’t honestly say you’re happy with your level of self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, keep reading because there is a special offer at the end….

I’m well-known for my candor. I “pull no punches.” If it needs to be brought to the surface, I am there with the spotlight. So here’s the truth:

Only when you change your self-perception of your worth and worthiness,
can you really make the changes you dream of.

  • You know that feeling of self-doubt that holds you back from taking risks that possibly result in better circumstances.
  • You feel every day, that inner gnawing that begs to be fed a new diet of self-care.
  • You have felt these inner feelings of emptiness for far too long.
  • Your general affect (emotional expression) is either flat, or faked, because you are so tired of feeling this way.
  • On the outside, others may think you “have all together” because you’ve become expert in covering your feelings.
  • On the inside, you are dying a painful death by these feelings of being “not good enough.”
  • Your thoughts are a loop of negative self-talk dialog, even as a plastic smile may mask your pain.

Who am I to say these things to you? I am a survivor, and now a thriver, who struggled for years with feelings of insecurities, with thoughts that would scare the devil, with being victimized by a stalker, and who was finally blessed to stumble into a new way of being.

And, I was super blessed to fill my self-esteem toolkit with the life-transforming tools and techniques to totally transform my life from a curse into a gift. And now, I bring these once-trade secret life-transforming self-love enhancing gifts to you.

Truly, I have never looked back. I never felt the urge to pick back up what I had finally let go of. And I want you to know that I have what you have been seeking, even as you may have been pretending the pain and emptiness were not real. They are real. And even as you may stuff those feelings, bite your tongue, and put on that happy face, all those internalized feelings and thoughts are festering, threatening a coup.

It’s like a pan with meat or dairy contents left on the back burner, with the heat turned off. The contents are left to rot. And ultimately, eventually, neglect that leads to a bigger mess. Much bigger!

And so, I offer you the tools to clear the mess and to polish the silver, and to eventually have fun doing it.

Why do I care about you?

I am PASSIONATE about leaving this planet better than when I arrived. I have been working with women since 1984, and I have witnessed miraculous results that ripple out into the universal ether and ripple back huge doses of love and compassion.

I LOVE SEEING WOMEN own their voices, spread their wings, embrace their value, and re-claim their feminine powers, to choose to live their best lives possible!

The world and her inhabitants need us to heal ourselves, and by doing so, to heal the universe. And so, I am here to recruit you to first heal that inner pain, and to then ripple your beauty into the universe for mirroring back to you. Together we change the world and the universe, and we are rewarded abundantly for doing so.

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Thousands of women have participated in my groups and in my personal coaching and have called on me as a women’s empowerment consultant. And still, there are millions more who are still in pain and in need of these life transforming tools.

  • I make it super easy for you to get ahold of these self-nurturing, life-changing tools and techniques.
  • I provide multiple options for changing your life, from entry-level investments such as the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook, to various levels of online courses, to immersive virtual VIP days, to extensive personal coaching for 6-12 months to really cement your new lifestyle, to the Life-Coach Certification Internship program.

If you have been in the same emotional, physical,
and thought cycles for a painful duration,
you are in the right place.

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The definition of insanity as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results comes to mind. It would be insane to expect this painful inner gnawing to change without trying something new. And because you are not insane, I have something truly astonishing to offer to you today. It’s a step forward, a message to the universe that you are about to create a major positive shift in your life. It’s a declaration that you are no longer willing to accept the pain. It’s you, sending a clear message that YOU are claiming your feminine powers now. It’s you, owning your value.

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You are a valuable woman. You have value for the world. You have one purpose, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.

Unfortunately, too many women have buried self-worth beneath layers upon layer of painful memories.

Fortunately, all that can change with my proprietary toolkit and support.

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Schedule an appointment
to meet with me

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This is where it starts:

  1. Schedule and KEEP your call with me
  2. Receive a step-by-step plan to create change
  3. Decide. I will walk you through what it means to “decide”

I want you to image for a moment, what you will be like six months from now if you do nothing different.

Do nothing, and nothing happens. It’s pretty basic, isn’t it.

You’re still suffering the strong-hold grip of feelings of not being worthy, of not being deserving, of playing the victim role. And even if on the outside you are pulling it off, and even if you have a couple of friends to whine to, nothing is happening.

  • There is nothing new to celebrate.
  • Nothing has improved.
  • You’re still miserable.

Now imagine you have finally declared your intention to the universe that you are invested in you.

  • What has changed in your physical appearance once you released the internal pain?
  • How is your emotional state improved when you have released feelings of self-doubt?
  • Who are you when you are aligned, body, mind, soul connected?
  • When you step into your full-winged woman status, ready to fly to new heights, who are you?
  • Who did you have to become in order for this transformation to take root and give you wings?


She’s in there.
She is waiting to be acknowledged by you.
Not from some external source, but from within you.

She is you. 

She is the infinite, source, spirit, goddess you. And she has been waiting for so long for you to stop hurting yourself and start to love and nurture yourself.

So call me. Let’s get this party started, so that you can celebrate the divine gift that you are. Click the button below. Schedule a complimentary Finally Free Forever session.

Schedule an appointment
to meet with me

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When you click the button, you will be taken out of this page and to my personal schedule.

Once there, you will be instructed what to do next.
And very soon, you will know exactly your next steps on the pathway to the true you.

PLEASE keep the appointment.
You’ll be glad you did.


And if you want to get an immediate jump-start on releasing what’s holding you back, and begin to cultivate your self-worth until you blossom, take advantage of this weekend special good only through the end of this weekend! Save HUNDREDS of $$ when you click the button below and ENROLL in the Winged-Women™ Academy!

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Your life improves in every area when you step into your true worthiness and open yourself to receiving the abundant blessings you desire.

This is a fully online course to be completed in the secure and private space of your choice.
Access the program day or night, anywhere on the globe.

And when you do, you will receive 4 weeks worth of life-transforming, self-worth enhancing content!

30 days to a whole new perspective.

And today, it’s only $97.

Not $997

Not $497

Not $297

Not even $197

Today, it’s $97

Pretty great deal to invest for self-worth transformation, ehh?

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Remember, you have one purpose in this life,
and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.

Start today. Schedule a complimentary Finally Free Forever call,
and invest in yourself through the Cultivating Worthiness online course.
Do it now and set your intention to finally forever free yourself from that self-destructive pain.

I am here for you.

Now you’ll be here for you too.


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