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Why Do So Many Suffer a Separation of Self?

Most of the world’s inhabitants are going through life in a low vibration, wondering why nothing really changes, wondering why they don’t really ever get ahead, and basically being victims to life.

No one was born a victim. Yet here we are, a mass of 7.7 billion people, trudging thru life as if it were something to be survived instead of enjoyed and celebrated. Even given all we know about the law of attraction and of the vibrational nature of all, it’s rare to find someone who is truly loving life, riding that high frequency wave of living in appreciation.


It happens by way of disconnect. And this separation of self is perpetuated because it’s not recognized. It’s so pervasive that rarely does anyone have enough self-awareness to see that there is something to be addressed.

To merge your whole self, mind, body, spirit you must heal the disconnect. Sounds simple, right? Yet what keeps the majority of humans in the low range (o-200 frequency) where depression, anger, victimization and victim behavior thrive, is that most of us don’t know:

  • a. That there is a disconnect between the heart the head and the spirit.
  • b. Where that mid-body-spirit separation came from.
  • c. What to do to heal the separation and merge the whole/gestalt.

The Truth of Source

You were born whole. And systematically, you were chipped away at, leaving chunks of your wholeness along the pathway.

All this chipping away leaves holes in the whole of who you are. And the results of the wholes are a weakening of the integrity of you.

Think of a piece of reinforcement steel bar (rebar). In its prime condition, a steel bar is strong and supportive. But what happens when this piece of steel is bent, or broken, or rusted? It is no longer in its highest state of integrity. It is weakened.

Now think of ways in which your integrity has been weakened. Consider ways in which you have lost strength, given away your power, compromised your wholeness, wallowed in the decaying state for too long. Pretended to be less than the whole of who you are.

If your life isn’t delivering what you know in your higher heart that you deserve, there is a separation of self. Your mind/mental, body/physical and spirit/infinite are cut off. We see it often in politicians who’ve clearly cut their heads from their hearts as if those ties around their necks have severed any chance of connection. We see it in women who disown their intellect and strength and simultaneously disown their power by pretending to be less than they actually are. We see it in men who disown their softer nurturing side, posturing as more than they actually are. We see it all around us as the malady of discontent that runs rampant. We see it as we live it. And it’s stopping the evolution of all that can be, when we own our subjective wholeness.

No Wand Needed

I’m not offering you a magic wand to whisk away the malady, and align your whole self. It’s not for me to “fix” you or to cajole you into wanting to live life to the fullest. I’m not your guru or fairy godmother. But I do know a thing or two about separation of self. I know that when you start to forgive yourself, to accept you as you are, and to release the past pains that chinked at your perfect wholeness, that level of self-awareness is the beginning of something truly magical. And it doesn’t take a wand. It takes a close look in the mirror, beyond the glass and into the core of who you are, reallyWhole and Perfect in Your Humanness.

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