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Do You Believe You Can Shine Your Light & Live Your Joyous Calling?

Do you believe that you can shine your light and live your joyous calling? Or like most humans, have you been systematically conditioned by life events, institutions, and (usually well-meaning) caregivers, to live more like a mushroom –in the dark much of the time? Maybe your life is lived somewhere in the mid-range, providing you some freedom to shine, yet with just enough self-doubt to hold you back from stepping fully into your limitless divine brilliance….

Life experiences can cause us to react like a potato bug, and curl into ourselves. And frankly, those times of being curled are opportunities for introspection and great growth potential, with the caveat that we not remain constricted for an overly self-absorbed period of time.
In a group setting, we do an exercise that helps participants to recognize where they may be choking off the energetic flow. It’s a simple process, and wherever two or more are gathered, playing in this expansive game may have an awakening effect.

Here’s how it works: 

palms touching

Two participants face each other with their palms touching. The facilitator asks them to express a variety of emotions through their hands. As example, the two may be asked to express anger, using only their hands. They may then be asked to express happiness, sadness, love, compassion, joy, bliss, etc.

What happens when the participant is uncomfortable or unfamiliar with any given emotion is that she will struggle to express it. Here’s a real example of someone who lived a life of strife, attempting to express the very foreign emotion of “joy.”

See this blank space? →

That’s what happened when the woman tried to describe joy. Nothing. She had no frame of reference for “joy,” and could do nothing. She just stood there, embarrassed about not knowing how to express joy, yet awakening quickly to the truth that it was a valuable piece of her life that had been missing.

The woman did go on to learn to live in joy and abundance. This woman, was me.

What’s missing from your repertoire of available emotions? Have you been taught to disown any important pieces of your wholeness?

[bctt tweet=”We have at our choice, a full spectrum of emotions available any time we decide to call on them.” via=”no”] The operative word in that statement is “choice.” We can choose to feel bliss, gratitude, love, joy, exuberance, expansive, connected, abundant, or we can withdraw into that fetal position and shrink into our depression, loathing, sadness, inadequacies, self-doubt, un-deserving, anger, resentment, etc.

None of these emotions are “bad.” The value we place on the emotion is what gives it either a negative or positive charge. And again, it’s remaining chronically in constriction as opposed to expansion that is undesirable, only as it is potentially limiting.


Balance is the natural state of being human, and being balanced in our ability to express from either end of that spectrum of available emotions is to see the truth in our humanness. As women, we may notice that it is challenging, as example, to express anger. Perhaps we learned to stuff anger, as being an unacceptable feminine trait.

Or, deprived of opportunities of abundance, perhaps we have squelched emotions of abundance of wealth or joy, residing then, and attracting and creating a life lacking in abundance of wealth, or joy….

Owning the whole of who you are is empowering. Accepting that as humans, we each have the capacity to express an enormous spectrum of feelings is at the core of what it means to be human. And you are perfect in your humanness.

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