Solfeggio Sounds

Have you heard the Solfeggio Sounds?

Solfeggio Sounds are frequencies –sacred perhaps, which were often used in Gregorian Chants. Because of the divine tones of these chants, enormous spiritual blessings were imparted when these frequencies were heard and sung.

The six distinct Solfeggio frequencies have been scrutinized as well as analyzed by both physicists and musicians. Repeatedly, it is agreed that these Solfeggio Sounds constitute a uniquely interrelated series of mathematically derived electromagnetic sound frequencies. Astonishingly, these Solfeggio Sounds are not of the same makeup as any conventional musical notes within the customary well-known musical scales. This lack of correlation within the mainstream musical flow leads to suggestions that the Solfeggio Sounds are derived from the mystical “Music of the Spheres” and is the basis of the legend of the “Lost Chord.”

It is believed that all six Solfeggio frequencies have specific healing associations as they interact with the vibrational energies of the human body and environment.

Some theorists consider the possibility that these electromagnetic frequencies may be involved in the alchemical process of transmutation.

I hope you’ll take a listen and consider for yourself what healing properties these Solfeggio Sounds possess. Check them out thru this link:

When I listen, I think I hear God talking….

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


God Work


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