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Solstice and Light

Hello and Happy Solstice, also known as Yule.  Maybe you’re below the equator and celebrating the return of Summer, or maybe you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and you’re seeing the darkest day of the year. Regardless of where you are, I hope you’ll give yourself some quiet time to immerse in the energies of this day, my absolute favorite holiday: Solstice.

I know that it doesn’t compare to the retail pull of other holiday celebrations, but personally, I feel like Solstice is the call to connect with the self, to align the head with the heart with the spirit, and to re-gain the balance that keeps us strong, healthy, and living in our optimal state of integrity.

For the past few days, I’ve pulled back and in. That inner space is where my power is, and although I do start each day in that sacred state, this week I’ve given more than a customary lick and a promise to do better. With intense intention and renewed commitment, I’ve gone deep into the corners of my physical space: deep cleaning and clearing and making donations, and renewing my connection with Nature by infusing my home with elements that support me. And I’ve gone deep within the corners and crevices of my psyche and heart to clear some energies that had to be removed. In the end, it just feels better to walk into a well-balanced habitat and it unquestionably feels better to live with that same balance within.

  • So I wonder if you have experience with the “aliveness” of everything.
  • I wonder if you know that all matter has consciousness.
  • I wonder too if, as much as possible, you live in a natural habitat using Nature’s elements.

With all the electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to, with all the environmental toxins that run amok, with all the toxic energies that interfere with our own personal vibrational frequencies, it’s important to consciously create that space where you can rejuvenate and heal from the day’s assaults on your system. Creation of that healing cocoon is more important than ever before in history.

You can re-program yourself by reprogramming your environment using Nature’s elements. Examples of purifying the energies are as in the indigenous people’s ritual of circling the self and the doorways and the living quarters with smoke from a smoldering sage wand (known as smudging), by alternatively (or following the smudging) burning a sweet grass braid to attract positive spirits, or/and by bringing in crystals that emit clearing energies, and bringing in plants that purify and provide healthy oxygen, and by consciously cleaning and clearing your space and yourself.

Of course, there’s always the option of bringing in aromatherapy, taking long soothing baths, and mindfully attending to your self care as you tend to the care of your sacred healing cocoon.

With the holiday season comes stress and hustle. Taking a cue from the Universe, take advantage of this annual opportunity to align, to clear, and to commit to living your healthiest life.

Now that I’ve cleared and rejuvenated, how will I spend my darkest day? Sipping unsweetened cranberry juice, and journaling my awarenesses as the layers continue to be lifted….

Happy Solstice, wherever you are.

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