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Solstice and The Flying Game: Using Nature’s Cycles for Personal Growth


Whether summer or winter, solstice is one of my favorite celebrations. As the nights have infringed on daylight’s territory, I find myself hibernating; reclusive, and even pensive to a point. It’s a time of reflection, and I believe, it’s one of Nature’s doorways to personal growth. It’s a time for connecting serenely with the inner goddess, and for sifting through the “stuff” of the year.

The season can be harried with gift-getting, sale chasing, and with all the festivities that come with the season. So it seems quite perfect that we are blessed with a celebration within the weeks of holiday celebrations. We are given a split between darkness and light; a moment to breathe in the gift of nature’s cycles that allow for personal growth. Forget the sales and the shopping lists for a few hours. Consider your place in the Universe:

  • How are you contributing to the greater good?
  • How are you filling yourself up, spiritually, emotionally, physically?
  • What have you over-come this year?
  • What have you released?
  • What have your re-claimed as being a valuable part of you?
  • How will you celebrate this day of Solstice?

When we live in tune with Nature’s cycles, we are invoking an energetic connection that may otherwise go unnoticed. Take advantage of the cycles, and notice how truly organic you are. [bctt tweet=”We are gifted with opportunities at every season, each mood, and with every solitary experience….”]

By now you may be wondering what Solstice and The Flying Game have in common.

  • Both Solstice and The Flying Game offer opportunity for reflection
  • Both Solstice and The Flying Game are 12.21 and $12.21
  • Both Solstice and The Flying Game are doorways to universal connection

So here’s the deal: Usually, The Flying Game is $19.99. But to celebrate Solstice, this special secure PayPal link will allow you to get The Flying Game for only $12.21.

And today, the standard shipping is $2.99 BUT you will get a FREE UPGRADE to expedited mail. You’ll receive your copy of The Flying Game within a few short days!

Why? What would prompt me to make this offer?
The Flying Game full cover for Fiverr

I make this special Solstice and The Flying Game offer because there may be stressors in your life. Maybe your coping skills are called on, and stress hormones are flooding through your system. There may be a bit more than usual self-medicating: Perhaps a few more cocktails, less than optimal sleep, and maybe some angst or restlessness.

[bctt tweet=”I make this Solstice and The Flying Game offer because there is a bit of Stella Harris in us all.”]

Perhaps, seemingly out of nowhere, a hand is dealt, which, at first through fifth glance reveals no winning cards. Our subjective realities are altered then and there; everything changes; sometimes permanently; sometimes only momentarily.

During certain holidays and anniversaries, we are sorely reminded of those we have lost. The empty chair at the dining table on Thanksgiving; the gifts beneath the tree lacking name tags for those who’ve passed; Birthdays and memories of past celebrations and painful realizations of those “new normals” without loved-ones.

This weekend, I was at a craft store picking up some yarn, when I spied a gorgeous skein of purple marled threads in another shopper’s cart. Mentioning how beautiful the yarn was, I learned that the woman was making bookmarks which would be threaded with a strand.

The bookmarks held the thumbprint of her son. “He passed in July. Purple was his favorite color,” she told me.


“Another angel mom,” I acknowledged. I shared with her that I too am an “angel mom,” and she showed me the silver necklace that also contained her deceased son’s thumb, holding the impression against her throat.

Her grief is so fresh. She is barely into her journey of most likely the darkest of all the days of her life:

  • A first Christmas without him
  • A new year with little to celebrate or look forward to
  • An anniversary that passes alone
  • A favorite color or place that triggers a memory
  • A fog of grief so thick that it is impossible to see through and equally difficult to believe will ever lift.

[bctt tweet=”This beautiful Angel Mom wore the look that other angel moms intuitively recognize.”]

We must have some antennae that reaches out to others who have suffered indescribable loss. We must, because she was the second “angel mom” I had connected with in only about twelve hours. Ahead in the journey, I exhale, and take their hand, hug them, and know what they know: We are forever changed. This is not something we will “get over.”

[bctt tweet=”Angel moms are blessed with an experience of love that others may never have to feel. “]

[bctt tweet=”Losing a child leaves nothing but an immeasurable depth of love, when the grief finally lifts. “]

Kelly Clarkson’s lyrics, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” play in my head, telling me that others too, have experienced events that required drawing on more inner strength than we knew we had.

[bctt tweet=”…and this is not a spoiler for The Flying Game. But it is a clue.”]

This inner-strength building that Kelly Clarkson sings about is the transformational under-current of The Flying Game. On the surface, it’s a fictional self-help book with a secret nod to The Wizard of Oz as the inner wisdom that ultimately saves all of us from those blessed “learning experiences,” from those arguably random or destined occurrences that on the surface are too much to bear.

But bear we must, and from such perseverance human character is undeniably forged and personality more deeply colored, because what Kelly Clarkson says is never more true than when you’ve lost someone: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

[bctt tweet=”The hard part is getting to the point of making the choice to not let it kill you, whatever it is.”]

As a celebration of the irrepressible human spirit, and yes, because it is the darkest day of the year, I am slashing the price of The Flying Game from $19.99 to $12.21!

This is ONLY true if the books are purchased through this PayPal account. There are only 25 copies available at this price, and when they are gone, they are gone. That’s it. One way or another, the deal is over, kaput, when 25 copies are sold.

Because there are only 25 copies, and because the publisher is betting more than 25 readers will want a copy at this LOW price, in the event that more than 25 are ordered, the decision will be made lottery style. In other words, only the first 25 purchases will be accepted and all others will be sent a “sorry you missed out” email response. Oddly, there is no limit on the PayPal button that I can see, so if someone wants 25 copies, there is apparently no stopping it.

The Flying Game makes for a perfect inspiration any time of the year. And with the upgraded Expedited mail delivery, it will arrive in approximately 3 days. If you order today, you may be able to read it by the weekend!

Good luck!

To order your copy of The Flying Game at the today only price of $12.21 use the secure PayPal button below:

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