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Solstice as a Mile Marker

Solstice Greetings

As I write that, “solstice greetings” I feel like it’s a nod to Christmas (season’s greetings) and wow, am I ever glad it’s not the holiday season! Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere, and now the days begin to wane like the cycles of the moon.

Nature’s rhythm is a powerful force in life. And sometimes just noticing that fact can lift spirits when they too are waning. Everything is in motion; nothing is stagnant; we are each in the process of transformation constantly, whether we consciously choose the unfoldment or simply live by default.

The year is half over, and I’m thinking about how annual milestones such as solstice remind us to take inventory of our self. Are you where you set your sights for being at the mid-year point of achievement? I’m honestly behind in many regards, and surprisingly ahead in others. There’s a lesson in that too: Don’t be rigid, and allow for something even better to unfold than that which we had planned.

If you’ve ever written a book, you have no doubt experienced this phenomenon of the book taking on a life of its own. The final product is so far from the initial vision!

For me, that’s a fairly accurate representation of life: We think we’ve got it down to a manageable, seemingly automated system, and then there are these “things” that surprise us, and in some cases, blind-side us.

If you’re a fan of Abraham-Hicks, or if you have even a small idea of the law of attraction, you know there is really no such thing as being “blind-sided” according to the law. Yet unexpected happenings DO take place. Health challenges, death of loved-ones, and unexpected emergencies are not something which is planned. But in an energetic sense, the law of attraction says we called it in vibrationally. As a mother of a dead child, I find this unbearably impossible to digest. And as I move towards yet another anniversary date without him, the thought of my having manifested such pain is just too much.

So how do we reconcile things that happen without our blessing?

After many years now, of excavating for the source of this profound loss, the only solace I can find is in believing that like all cycles of Nature, we each have a personal life cycle. Often, the sun sets too soon. And with a slight guffaw, I’ll add that some cycles last far too long. (But that thought is of politics in the US, and I resist the urge to laugh or share the joke)

Summer solstice occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer, or 23.5° north latitude. This year, the alignment will occur at exactly 6:07 am EST on Thursday the 21st of June. The energies that come with such milestones affect us, whether we are greeting the event or sleeping through it. My goddess lineage dictates that I be present to greet this moment in time, as a moment of focus on the delicious gifts Nature brings.

Wherever you are in your life right now, however you judge the circumstances to be (good/bad/challenging/rewarding) know that you are in a cycle of life. Simply notice where you are in life, and express gratitude for all the blessings.

Happy Solstice.

PS~ Thank you for those of you who are holding Ravi in your healing hearts. She is undergoing surgery as I write this, and so I have no news to share. Please continue to send healing light her way. And do something NICE for you. Stay healthy. We need you. xox


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