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What Does Solstice Mean to You?

Another Solstice Celebration…

Depending on where you are on this beautiful blue globe, your experience may be that of celebrating winter, or of planning summer outings. Since I am in the Northern Hemisphere, I am enjoying a lovely temperate spring season, that is now punctuated by summer solstice. The longest day of the year here is perhaps my favorite day of all. It’s better than a “new year” holiday yet it carries a similar vibration of newness. There is no snow to shovel, and sweet melons are soon coming into season. People are out and about, and the noise level changes from quiet crunching of tires on frozen road to rain drops washing away the pollution.  Flowers are bravely peeking up from the soils and migratory birds have returned to their nests. I sit on the porch barefoot now, drinking dark-brew coffee in the early morning light, and sipping robust red wine at night. There will come a time in the next few weeks where the red wine will be replaced by cooler, crisper beverages, but the dark brew is a constant, year round.

I was thinking today about what solstice means to me personally: My inner gardener has ordered bulbs and herbs and vegetable seeds for planting, and I am driven by an irresistible urge to be outdoors. My mirror reflection insists that I move more to tighten up a winter-born pouch that has expanded towards my waistline, and so I notice how much more movement takes place during these warmer months. Earlier spring cleaning had me donating much to charity in that “Marie Kondo Method” sensibility, and the coats, boots, and heavy sweaters have been packed away. The windows have been cleaned of winter’s grime, and cobwebs have been removed. Linens are washed, and fresh scents replace the stagnancy of closed-door seasons. EVERYTHING is fresher and lighter and brighter, including my disposition and the mouth watering seasonal foods on the plates.

Image by Deborah Breen Whiting from Pixabay

I adore warmer weather, and summer solstice is my favorite holiday. And you may argue that it’s not a holiday. But it’s when I come alive like a sleeping flower after a long winter hibernation. My face is turned to the light, and I find myself turning off the news before it can affect my moods or instill fear into my gut. My back is turned towards the cold and ugly. Sunshine only lasts for so long, and I intend to soak up as much as my heart can handle.

How about you?

What does Solstice mean to you? Do you have any rituals or habituated activities that seem to come out with the longer or shorter days? Do you experience any inner feelings one way or another when Mother Nature changes her paints? Do any stirrings compel you to seasonal behaviors? Do you have a preference for a particular season? Do you notice yourself feeling more awakened during any singular month/s or season?

I think we are as connected to the elements as we choose to be, and as such, we are either knowingly living in harmony with Nature, or we are devoid of knowledge of how a cosmic connection impacts our lives. In fact, many mysteries surround Nature’s cycles, including the mysteries of Stonehenge that may be of interest to you if you’re of a curious mind. It would seem that we are of nature, and so, being of nature would make us healthier when aligned with the natural cycles.

Wherever you are at this moment, I hope you are in harmony with all that is around you. Our most basic human growth takes place in that optimal state of being in balance with all that surrounds us. It’s where we thrive.

I hope you’re thriving.

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